Sunday, July 02, 2006

Once Upon a Time Princess Dance Camp

When I was busy running around the location where we hosted Brayden's party, I saw a bulletin board with a flyer that advertised a dance (ballet and jazz) camp for children 4-7 with a Disney Princess Fairy Tale theme. I remember thinking, "Oh I definitely think my daughter could buy into that - along with her cousin and other friends". So, we signed her up and showed up last Monday to the location described by the brochure. Hmmmmm, we were a little concerned. Literally, we're taking about a very small cinder block building in a relatively abandoned parking lot (Heather, think about that barber shop building near the old Thriftway by Briggs- a lot like that). However, the girls didn't seem to care - they were greeted by a very enthusiastic coach sitting at a table covered with Princessy stuff - and a dance floor with mirrors and bars really doesn't have to have a fancy exterior to be effective.

All week long the girls gave enthusiastic reviews of their experience, and Thursday brought a gift of a tiny pillow topped with a tiny glass (plastic) slipper and scroll inviting us to come to their recital. Daddy, Grandma, Mommy, Aunt Chele and the other mommies were all their with their cameras and camcorders catching every sweet moment of these little girls' precious performances.

I'm pleased to report that, based on the recital, I don't think Mikayla will be overly bored if she repeats the camp again next year..... there are still a few skills she has yet to master. But, the happy smile, oh yeah, she's got that down pat.

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