Friday, July 21, 2006

Turning 34

B - Bliss - in the form of a Thermal Mud Wrap (the stuff actually effervesces on you!) at Bello (Thank-you John!)

I - Indulgence - in all sorts of junk food and treats, Monday's a new day

R - Red Robin, an annual tradition - however waiting 45 minutes with 9 children in the lobby made it a bit stressful

T - Twins - making the celebration a "double your trouble" event

H - Happy - my current emotion as it almost always is in the last weeks of July

D - Dead Man's Chest, the Sequel to "Pirates of the Carribean", the movie we'll go see with my parents tomorrow

A - Another - year older, that's the only bummer to this whole birthday thing.....

Y - Yellow - the color of the sunflower boquet my amazing honey brought home for me


chele said...

Life is good - eh?
Here's to another 34 incredible years - and then some!
I love you so very, very, very much and thank God continually for the very best girlfriend I was provided at birth. Bless you for your support and encouragement through times of trial and the partner in crime in the vast majority of our celebratory events in life. You're the best - what more can I say!
Love you!

HollieHobbie said...

That is so sweet from Michelle. I can only hope and pray that my girls will grow up to be as close as you two are.
Happy Birthday to the both of you!

cozy bear said...

This is a day that I had to develop an account (thanks Chele) and give you this deserved birthday greeting.

Happy 34th birthday love! Almost one third of your life, you spent it with me. How blessed I am.

"Best friend, you complete me"..

We love some many of the same things:
Tons of time spent with our kids
Worhip & worship music (Mark Shultz to start this list)
• Time spent with the Schillings
Brown sugar bacon to start the list
• Vacations (Sunriver , Hawaii, Arizona, the Fairfield Inn in Lake Oswego and Marriott in general)
• Tons of amazing friends
• Shopping at outlets (too many to name)
• and so many others things.

Like I said, I am so blessed to be spending each you waking moment with someone that is devoted to Christ and her family.

It is my birthday wish to you that this day and year will surpass all your expectations.

I love you best friend.
Cozy Bear

PS. Happy Birthday too Chele – not to short change you as I thank the Lord for you sis! You are more than a sister-in-law, you are a life long buddy. Happy 34th!

You bro - Johnny

StephieAnne said...

AHH, right back at you, Michele - and thanks, Cozy Bear..... you are the best!

Colie said...

Happy Birthday to you two, Happy Birthday to you two, Happy Birthday dear Michele and Steph. Happy Birthday to you two!

That is my song for the day:-).

stephietoo said...

Happy, happy birthday to two of my very best friends, EVER! I am so absolutely blessed to have the both of you in my life. Travis and I love you so much. I hope you enjoyed your birthday, today (Ok, I guess technically your birthday was yesterday since it is 1:00 a.m.). Thank you for allowing us to be part of your special day. We love you guys!

Love, Stephietoo and T-Dub

stephietoo said...

Oh, and Chele; that is still one of my favorite pictures of nati! She is so absolutely beautiful. Very cute picture of stephie and ellie too!