Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Second Half of Summer

Michele and I have always appreciated our birthday being when it is, but of course, it's kind of like being a twin - we've never known it any different. One thing I have recognized, however, is that over the years, our birthday has served as kind of a marking point to split the summer. We are on the downhill slide now.....

Whereas, the time before our birthday is the part of summer full of planning, anticipation, and preparation for the months of vacation for the kids - the second half turns into the time of summer where "the end" is constantly looming near, at least as far as any advertisement or the interior of any department or grocery store will tell you.

I know I am in the minority as someone who really kind of likes the early onslaught of holiday decor. It doesn't bother me that early October in Costco looks like the North Pole - because, I'm already very much thinking about it at that point. It's a bit "cozy" to me (Just, for fun, wonder how many times that word has been used since I began this blog?) Just as, the arrival of the swimsuit collection that makes its appearance in February is a comfort too. I'm happy to know, in the dead of winter months, that sunshine and warm temperatures will someday return. (Hard to consider today when the temperature hit 104!)

BUT, I DON'T enjoy the "back to school" reminders constantly shoved down my throat. It's still July, people! We still have August left with no school in sight - Start worrying about it in September, that'll give you about 6 days of prep! And, in the meantime, let me continue to enjoy my triple digit days, the presence of my kids, and the freedom of life without an alarm clock.

(Now, with all of that said, I could probably turn around and write a post giving all the reasons I really am looking forward to the fall - a season I truly love..... What I don't love is the reality of losing the freedom with the kids and their becoming a year older and a grade higher - let me postpone that reality as long as I can!)

Happy Second Half of Summer!


HollieHobbie said...

I have come to appreciate Fall because of you. I have decorated for the Season and find the coziness of it rather enjoyable, so Thank-you, Steph for showing me the beauty in a season that I otherwaise found annoying.
And on another hand, I too do not relish the fact that my children will be another grade and year older come the end of August.
'Chele, are your kids going to school or will you still be homeschooling?

HollieHobbie said...
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HollieHobbie said...

oops, sorry that I double punched....wanna erase it, Stephanie? Unless you all find my words so profound....haha

Colie said...

I love seasons! I all of the sudden became excited for fall to hit when we had those few fallish days. Then I realized I was stealing the summer away. I have always said that I do not have a favorite season because I love the change of them all. But I think Fall is my favorite. So, I love the down hill slide of the summer. It is still packed with fun outtings, splashing in the water, and drinking iced tea but there is fall to look forward to. However, I do not have school aged children so that may change as Caleb grows!

chele said...

Hollie -
Yes - I am sending my kids to public school this year - Traig in 3rd grade, Nati in 1st. So this summer marks a bittersweet transition - my kids will be leaving home for the first time and even now, as I write, I'm embarrassed to report the tears in my eyes. However, I can not tell you how much peace I have about this decision and how I feel confident, that for now, it is the right one. I'm filling out Traig's fall soccer registration tomorrow (which I'm told I have to pay a late fee for as I guess all good soccer moms know that one should be registered for the September sport well before mid-July) and it feels right. In fact, I told Steph just today that as much as I will grieve the kiddos leaving each morning, I also feel such relief right now that the sum of their educational experiences does not rest on my shoulders this year. I'm ready to share that responsibility and pray constantly that Traig and Nati's teachers are a perfect fit for each of them - and that they will be somehow excited for the challenges that I am confident my children will provide. :)
All that said - I echo Steph's insight. A good friend is starting her first year teaching in Arizona at a year round school. Their first day is tomorrow. Praise God that we still have roughly six more weeks of freedom to enjoy!

HollieHobbie said...

oh Michelle, I so know the feelings you are going through! Timing is everything as I could not have put Emma in school a day earlier than I did. The day that she did head off I was at complete peace and am still confident in our decision to send her to public school. And it has proven a very good decision for us. I'll keep you in my prayers for the beginning of school. Oh, I think I might start a Moms In Touch group for our school. I don't know if that is something you are interested in, but I think the website is or org or something like that.

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