Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Couple of Questions XXVI

In light of my last post here goes:

1. What activity that you participated in growing up had the biggest impact upon you?

2. What do you wish you weren't involved in or could have just "given up"?

The weather is supposed to be HOT, HOT, HOT - hope you find creative ways to stay cool!


StephieAnne said...

1. Most definitely, the drill team I miraculously 'made the cut' for my senior year of high school. It made me realize I was capable of much more than I originally gave myself credit for, and we had such a dedicated but very demanding coach - I probably worked harder to succeed in that capacity than I have ever since in a physical situation.

2. Actually, I might have to say softball that same senior year - I was TERRIBLE and made varsity mostly for sympathy and sentimental sakes....I still have nightmares about not wanting to play - and recognizing I could just say, "no" - and quit (it's a great feeling in my dreams) - but, the team went on to compete for state standings, so that was pretty cool to be a part of.

Certainly, I would have loved to have skipped the previous summer's softball league - in the second game I broke my ankle - not a great way to spend the summer, and starting my senior year learning to re-walk really stunk!

LiteraryGirl said...

1. Gymnastics
2. I can't really think of anything. Honestly, there are more things I wish I had done than hadn't.

HollieHobbie said...

1. Arts and Crafts...seriously. Our rec dept offered a really cool arts and crafts session; it seemed like daily for the whole Summer.
2. I hated (and still do) softball. But I played it for 3 years for the social(ness).

chele said...

This is going to sound absurd - but one of the activities that shaped me, challenged me, and expanded my horizons the most was also one of the activities I would have loved to ditch on many occasions. I'm referring to good ole' Camp Fire - the "club" we thought we might enjoy in 3rd grade and loved to hate by 10th grade. Why did we keep up with it so long? I guess because we were just too stubborn to give up on it without receiving first the final "award"/closure of the "WOHELO Medallion" (the Camp Fire equivalent of The Boy Scouts' "Eagle Scout").
I greatly value the emphasis that Camp Fire made on the development of leadership and community service. We participated in so many activities in this area that I would have never considered being exposed to otherwise. On the other hand, being 16 and still asked to go door to door to sell excessively overpriced Camp Fire candy still haunts my memories. (We ended up boycotting the candy sales that year and held a respectable car wash instead).
Would I do it again if I had the option? Hmm... good question - one I'd have to think long and hard about. Would I want my kids involved in Camp Fire? Nope - get them a great youth group instead. Am I glad I did it though when all is said and done? Sure - it makes for an entertaining conversation when friends ask Steph and I for a performance of the ceremonial, Camp Fire song of "Burn, Fire, Burn..." :)

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