Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Couple of Questions XXV

Today's one of those days where I absolutely need my kids' cooperation. I need them to be helpful, to get along, and to not make messes. I prepped them for this yesterday as I knew that today would be very busy and stressful trying to prepare for OUR annual 4 day camping get-away that will begin early tomorrow morning.

Currently, my kids are in a mandatory silent 30 minute period of coloring..... not too harsh of punishment, mind you, but I've got the rest of the day to increase the intensity. I've already threatened cancelling the trip, yelled as loud as my voice would go, and probably reached my highest blood pressure reading. Brayden has made Mikayla cry already 5 times.... a blame they both share.... and neither one show any interest in lifting a finger to help. Not what I needed for the day. Combine that with the rain outside and yes, I've officially reached "grouch mode". This is all supposed to be fun.......

So, in light of the preparation, here are the questions:

1. Would you consider camping an enjoyable hobby, and why or why not?

2. How about a best or worst camping experience.......

I'll blog again perhaps Sunday evening - have a great week everyone!


Colie said...

Hope your day improves and the camping trip is successful. Sounds like an exhausting morning!

1) Camping - haven't been in a long time! Randy is not a huge fan. However with children it's a whole new experience. I think as Caleb gets older we will enjoy camping. For now it may just be a lot of work. HOWEVER, if you throw in a ski boat I'm there!

2) We use to camp every year with my aunt and uncle - it would ALWAYS rain!

StephieAnne said...

1. Absolutely YES, despite my recent griping. The campfire, the stars brilliant in the sky, the smell of the pine - I love it and long for it every year.

2. I'm going to let Michele describe my worst - an experience we shared. However, a second up for both categories in its own way was an overnite trip I took In Yellowstone when I was there with Campus Crusade for the summer. I went with my best friend on the project and two other guys. One, Gary, was hillarious and harmless - the kind of guy we all loved because he made us feel very special, but adored his girlfriend back home. The other guy was Brinton. I was concerned that he had feelings for me and was desperate that my friend, Christina, not leave us alone together. It ended up that we did get that alone time, him pointing out constellations in the sky late at night as we talked lakeside. I decided my friend could let us be..... =). Christina and I left the flap open on our tent and consequently froze all night long...... we slept very little. At 7000 feet, not a good idea, no matter what season. We made the best of it, though which is why the story qualifies for both good and bad...... Sweet memories.

By the way, (and thanks for hanging with me as I stroll down memory lane - Brinton ended up being the first of three men I thought I would marry - I still respect him tremendously to this day) - my morning did get better thanks in large part to Lisa who watched my kids while I grocery shopped and hung out with me the rest of the day. Huge thanks, Lisa!

Also, great blog entry, Heather - about the overscheduled kids. That is a huge issue at the school Brayden attends and it drives me mad. I so value our family weekends, I get very stressed when we our doing too many extras......

stephietoo said...

1. Camping is a very enjoyable experience, once we get there and get camp set up. I really dislike doing that stuff, and being married to a guy who would describe camping as "the Hilton without a view" makes that part even more unenjoyable. With all that said, I love camping, especially when it is just a few close families where all we do is read books and lounge im the sun. Oh yeah, and keep the kids occupied by the occasional lake trip to play in the water. When I camp, I want it to be for longer than a weekend because I want to be able to enjoy the camp I have set up and not have to take it down in a day or two.

2. I would have to say my worst camping experience was when I was 8 years old and my sister was 10. She had a lot of watermelon to eat one night and I awoke to a scene from the titanic! She had wet the bed....a lot/ My poor brother was sleeping below us (in our Eurovan) and got a very warm, watermelon smelling, shower. My sister, of course, slept through the whole thing.

Have a great time camping! We will miss you guys and will miss being there with you all. I would have Travis stop by and say hi, but he will be working too many hours on Saturday and then he is coming home saturday night at about midnight.

I won't forget to water your flowers and make sure things are looking safe. Anything else I need to do?

Love you all!

chele said...

Of course I love camping and over the years I've had a good deal of experience. Everything from hiking/packing in and setting up the entire camp (including the digging of the latrine) to the annual Wallowa Lake camping where we just park the RV, hook it up to water and electricity and feel like we are right at home. (Which, actually we are since it is our home for the time being...:)
Which do I prefer the most? Clearly the ease of the RV - especially with the 3 kids is awesome, but I enjoy it all - once everything is packed and we have reached our destination.
I have loved just about all of our outings - I vaguely remember playing little people in the dirt when we were just little people ourselves, to camping with Mom an Dad in the camper, to tent camping with Michael (in Yellowstone was awesome), to a big-time tent village at Camp Attitude with the youth group for a week, to a variety of it all now. Every memory has been precious.
However, a few memories stand out that were exceptionally challenging.
1. The mosquito infestation when we hiked to Tenas Lakes. Hiding in our tents all day with the sole purpose of avoiding the bugs is not exactly my idea of fun.
2. The aforementioned trip with Michael and Steph where it rained very, very cold rain throughout the night that leaked in to the tent to the point we were all practically sleeping in frigid puddles of water by the morning. At first dawn, we packed up all we could and got out of dodge.
3. The Schilling hunting/camping experience with four different families out in the boondocks of NE Oregon where Michael hunts. All in all it was great fun, but I had very little help from my great hunter husband. I vividly recall having to break ice that had formed over the surface of the "water cooking pot" before I could boil a bottle for baby Nati at the crack of dawn. That's roughting it a bit too much for me... :)

JustMe said...

1. Worthwhile, yes. Practical, with one adult and three young children, certainly not! I'm a little frustrated by this trend toward having to plan and reserve 9 months in advance, as well...whatever happened to driving until dark and then swerving spontaneously into the next open campground spotted?

2. Best: I was a kid, it was a place called "Indian Prairie," I believe, not a campground but an open grassy area on a hilltop with my parents and grandparents. I still remember that hot sun, the kind that warms your bones but doesn't make you sweaty, and just exploring all day long and eating Grandma's pancakes in her camper in the morning.
Worst: One time at the Metolius with my family in the tent, it rained hard all night and by 2 or 3 in the morning we were flooding and had to escape to the car. Mom, my brother and I sat in the car in our sleeping bags while Dad (poor Dad!) packed up all our stuff in the rain. We decided to just give up and drive home.

HollieHobbie said...

1. All I can say is I love. love, love Camping! I get my best night's sleep in a tent, in my sleeping bag, on an air mattress. Thank-you to the Zenkes, Johnsons, and Rileys for getting us into it!
2. So far (knock on wood) no camping mishaps. Just seeing a mouse in the outhouse at East Lake (the first year there) and the 2nd year all those mosquitoes in the same outhouse. I'm using Lisa's commode next year!