Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bullet and Charlie

It's been over 5 years since John and I have saddled up. Still, I consider myself an expert - don't you dare give me the lazy, "gentle enough for a baby" horse. I want one with spunk. With that in mind, Charlie was my steed. AKA, Chuck, this guy was the baby of the herd - at four years old, he ambled along the trails like "a drunken sailor" (as described by our guide). He was very interested in everything else, including the rear end of the horse in front of us, and chewing on the stirrup (he showed a little interest in my shoe too). He reminded me of Brayden, and I loved him. In fact, I LOVED the whole experience - as did John who rode "Bullet", an ex race horse. When it came time to trot, Bullet was ready to win, and John got a bit of a lecture about holding him off from the gallop for the sake of the other, "less experienced" riders. Someday, hopefully soon, we'll get a chance to return when it's just the four of us - John, Bullet, myself and Charlie - (and, of course, the guide) - and then, we'll kick it up a notch! The two hours flew by - the scenery was amazing, I can't reccomend the experience enough.

Afterwards we retired at a bed and breakfast along the McKenzie River. It was our first experience with a B&B, and we were not disapointed. Beautiful, quiet, relaxing, and don't even get me started on the delicious homemade breakfast......

Thanks, Whites, for watching our kids and allowing us to have our favorite date night of the year!


stephietoo said...

I am so happy that you guys had such a great time. Your kids were very well behaved, as always. :o)~ Our walk to Chevron for gum and candy was so much fun! I remember the last time you were horseback riding..... Oh yeah, Aruba with the beautiful beaches and water! A great time, however, every picture we have my horse, Sara, was at least six feet away from all the other horses because she was EVIL and wanted to bite every horse that got near her.

To comment on the past few posts:

*Mikayla, Nati, and Grandma look absolutely beautiful. Chele.. That is a great picture of Nati!!

*The fireworks were awesome, the company was awesome, and I too am glad that Dad is home for the summer very soon. That was a very fun evening, and so cozy to sit with Ellie cuddled on my lap watching the fireworks!

You guys are the greatest!! Love you!

StephieAnne said...

Steph, just like bowling, we are going to have to work you through your traumatic horse experience. Looking forward to it!

HollieHobbie said...

I have never been horse fun that looks! I may have to try it at your recommendation. Love the pics!