Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Aunt Stephie

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit. Last night I planned to do this, but ended up in bed with an icepack, 2 Advil PM, and "The Little Mermaid" in the VCR as white noise. I couldn't shake the headache all day - and it made me grumpy, then my grumpy bad attitude made it worse. We ended up passing on our arranged golf game with the Whites (to celebrate Travis' birthday - Happy Late Birthday, Buddy - Michele and I are glad we finally got the brother we always wanted Mom and Dad to have (and I'm not referring to Mackie! =) ) Anyway, the golf game got scratched in the car due to worries on how I'd hold up, and then I finally got to the point that is so dreaded - any motion, any conversation just makes you want to throw up or pass out - Not good. Praise God that these things almost always go away overnite, although I will say I've got quite an "Advil PM" hangover!

So, that long winded excuse set aside..... I had an especially wonderful extended weekend bonding with my nieces and nephew. I ALWAYS enjoy their company - they are so much family that I never worry about entertaining, scolding, or even feeding them (they know where the food is just like my kids). So, I thought I'd post some pics, and say a few thoughts about each of them.

TRAIG: I BARELY witnessed this guy's birth. I walked in just as he was crowning. Thanks for waiting for me, dude. He was the family's first - and I watched his first days in awe. His arrival made John and I say, "we got to get ourselves one of those...". I remember actually feeling wistful that Michele got to dress this little guy up like she would a doll. Since those days, this guy has grown up fast - Whenever we are together, rarely a day goes by that he comes to me with a hug and says, "I love you Aunt Stephie". For an 8 year old boy to value such sentiment is rare and wonderful. He has an incredibly intuitive and sensitive heart with a head that is constantly in motion trying to work things and feelings out. Sometimes he'll randomly ask the most profound questions and make parallels that impress us all. Most special, though, is his heart for God. Thank you for the inspiration, Traig!

NATALIA - aka, NATI: Now, Nati, on the other hand, arrived mid day - I remember painting my nails waiting for her. When she finally arrived - it happened in a flourish, in a hurry. I don't think she's hurried since. Nati marches to the beat of her own drum - and none of us have a clue what the rhythm is. But, that's always what makes her so irresistable and charming - and what ellicits so many smiles. As before mentioned, she is very similar to Brayden - and they are serious trouble together. Nati is VERY smart, but her behavior sometimes betrays that fact - and she can be such a tomboy, but as demonstrated by the picture - so beautiful. I love how Nati refuses to blend in as the middle child - she is nothing but special.

ELLISON - aka, ELLIE: I'm proud to say that I came up with Ellie's name. And, once again, was there to witness her birth - perfect, no drugs - and man, she was such a pretty baby. Ellie is a sprite - she wears a Tinkerbell nightgown often and "Tinkerbell" sums her up. She's so petite, but has the mischief level of a giant. She was very attached to me last Saturday and I'll always remember playing Hide and Seek with her in Blockbuster. That girl can get away with murder with her smile and laughter - She's got us all so wrapped tight around her tiny finger..... and, I can't imagine that ever changing.


chele said...

Thanks so much for that beautiful tribute. I think you summed them up quite well. I read Nati's outloud to her while she was sitting on my lap here at the computer. It brought on a smile.
On behalf of my kids, thank-you for being the perfect aunt.
We love you!

stephietoo said...

I echo everything Stephie said about Traig, Nati, and Ellie. Travis and I love them all so much, as if they were our own nieces and nephew. But then again, Stephie is right about the fact that Travis has become an adopted child of mom and dad Alexander, and is a brother to Chele and Stephie.

We love you all so very much!!!!

oldtownboys said...

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