Sunday, July 09, 2006

Introducing "Mackie"

This is "Mackie" - which is the name shortened from his registered name of MacAllister - which is the Scottish origin of the name of Alexander. (My maiden name) He is my parent's new baby - and I couldn't be prouder. When our beloved 15 year old Toby passed away in February, Dad wasn't so sure he wanted to go through the effort and eventual pain of attaching himself to another beloved dog.

There was Scottie, Jake and Toby.... all incredible, unique dogs that we grew up with, all terriers, all smart and full of personality to the hilt. As each one passed away, the next would come into our lives and create memories that were irreplacable. Jake died when we were juniors in high school - Michele and I cried more over his death than we have for any other. Toby was my buddy when I found myself graduated from college and living back at home. He was my running partner and hiking buddy, and helped feel not so alone.

Mom and Dad left at 6am this morning to visit the place they read about in the paper on the Washington side of Hood River where they raised wire haired fox terriers. We knew they wouldn't return empty handed, but we had no idea they'd come back with a puppy SO CUTE! He was the most active of the litter and I can virtually guarantee you he could not be blessed with a better life than he will receive now. The beam in my dad and mom's face was unmistakable. Mackie won't replace Scottie, Jake, or Toby - but I am confident he will follow in the legacy they have set and become a priceless member of the Alexander clan.

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StephieAnne said...

This is Chele posting under Steph's name -
Of course I echo Steph's sentiments about little Mackie - what a cutie!
I adore him too and I can't wait to watch grow up in the Alexander family.
Excellent choice Mom and Dad - I'm so excited for you both!