Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy Second of July!

We had a bar-b-q yesterday with my parents and a few friends - I ate way too much and paid for it in the middle of the night, but it was worth it. My dad has been down in California working on a project that has taken much longer than anticipated. One more week working on it, and then he's back for the summer. My mom is counting down the minutes, they realized that the time they've had to be apart because of this is longer than when they were separated due to Vietnam. Of course, I'll be happy when he's back longer than a week as well - The neat thing about my parents is that they fit in so well with out immediate group of friends - like it or not, they've basically adopted a lot more children! So, yesterday was a blast.

After Mom and Dad and the Quigs went home, we set off fireworks - Travis and John took it a step up from last year (in cost too, ouch!) their sideshow antics was almost more entertaining than the fireworks display. It was truly a moment to cherish, though, with my daughter cuddled under blankets with me, the Schillings and the Whites nearby - and Stephie, Michele and I singing "Proud to Be An American" during the "finale display". Life is good.


HollieHobbie said...

Your Dad was in Vietnam? Tell him "Thank-you" and Welcome Home" from my whole family. I am just finding out how unfairly the vets were treated as they came home. So Welcome Home, Hero Anderson!
If he was in the Army he can go to to honor your mom and the support she gave him during that time.

StephieAnne said...

Actually Hollie - welcome home Hero Anderson wouldn't do much for him, but perhaps, Welcome Home Hero Alexander would! =)

HollieHobbie said...

haha! I was 2nd guessing myself about the last name...but I went with it!