Friday, June 30, 2006

Signs of Summer

What follows is a scrapbook page that I would title, "Signs of Summer". I've been running around with my camera over the last couple of weeks trying to get snapshots of things that only happen in summer for us - or are only the best done in summer. It's been fun thinking about it, and seeing ideas around town and knowing I need to return with my camera.

Here's the list:
1. The Fourth of July fireworks tents. This didn't mean much to us until last year when the kids realized that if you buy fireworks, you get to slide down the inflatable "gimmick". It worked, and last year, setting off fireworks in our lawn chairs in front of our house was a sweet, sweet, memory indeed.
2. Playtime at the pool - kind of self-explanatory.
3. Indulging in shaved ice. I succumbed to the Sunday ads and purchased one at Target this week..... pulling it out next year will certainly be a reminder of the fun times of summer
4. Dining outside - this taken at a pizza parlor that I've eaten at since I was a baby.
5. Roasting hot dogs. We didn't use this outdoor fire pit but once since we've purchased it nearly two years ago - now, it's a familly evening favorite.
6. The wildflowers that sprought up at the intersection by Harlow Rd. They are gorgeous, and make me happy whenever I drive by them.
7. Picking blueberries. My mom and dad have the most amazing bushes that never disappoint. Quarter size berries are not uncommon. Right before my mom left town a week ago she asked if I wanted to pick the berries before the birds got them. We left with ten cups of berries.
8. Summertime exhaustion - the picture says it all!

What would be "signs of summer" snapshots for you?


Colie said...

Such a great scrap book page! Summer is so fun. We are just beginning our memeories of summer but a few do (and will continue to) be: fishing on the S. Santiam, playing in the river, swiming at the pool, beach fun, running through the sprinklers, and probably more fishing as Caleb grows!

chele said...

Wild daisies begging to be picked and made into a bouquet, inflatable swimming pools, suntan lotion, swimsuits/beach towels, fishing, smores, tent camping/trailer camping, hikes to gorgeous waterfalls, roasting hotdogs at the Schilling fire pit, the Dallas drive-in, late night or early morning exercise when the air is crisp and the time is mine alone to enjoy, Steph's (Eugene) swimming pool, trampoline, and exceptional barbques, The Schillings 4th of July celebrations, Wallowa Lake, Camp Harlow, and East Lake (Central Oregon), Chevron fountain pop, blackberry picking with the kids, waterskiing, shaved ice, corn on the cob, random beach trips, Mom's fabulous garden, road trips with my honey/family indulging in goodies galore, slumber parties with the kiddos without a schedule...
I have recognized - even prior to writing this - how exceedingly blessed I am to have the opportunity to be at home with my children throughout the summer months. Despite the fact that it is just a few days into July and our family has already delighted in 75% of the above activities listed, I would selfishly desire that we could slow down time to cherish the memories even more. God is so good to us - despite the season... truly, how could I ask for more?