Sunday, December 11, 2011

"The Hills Are Alive"

When I found out a few months ago that "The Sound of Music" was being performed by a local theater - and that the roles of two of the Von Trapp children were going to be played by friends of both of the kids, I immediately set to task to purchase tickets for Mikayla and I to attend - as "The Sound of Music" is a movie we've really enjoyed watching together.

We bought tickets for the 7:30 showing, but 10 minutes before needing to leave to coach/play volleyball - I pulled the tickets from their envelope and realized I'd purchased tickets for the 2pm performance. AHHHHHHHH! My heart dropped - Mikayla and I would be in the midst of volleyball games at that time. Not only that, but because I'd purchased tickets so early, we had had EXCELLENT seating, so I was pretty certain that even if we were able to change showtimes, we'd be in the back of the theater.

But, God worked it all out - the gal that I called was EXCEEDINGLY helpful - and not only took care of switching over the tickets, but was able to put some tickets at "Will Call" that may actually be better than my originals. Hallelujah!

So, it was off to play volleyball - and the girls all had an outstanding final game day. We'll have one more pizza/movie party as a team on Tuesday night and then - that's it.... End of Season. Can't believe how fast it's flown by and just how much improvement that the girls have demonstrated. Definitely worth it.

Around 5:30, Mikayla and I set off for PF's our date-night destination (though with the long wait we might have been better off choosing someplace different...).

After sharing an order of "Lettuce Wraps" and some "Shirley Temples" later - we were off to "The Shedd" - where the performance took place. This is a VERY familiar location to me as it's not only where we used to go to church, but where I walked down the aisle the day of our wedding. The building just couldn't house our growing congregation, so in 2002 we began construction on our current building and sold our old, very historic building to OFAM - a music foundation to be used for theatrical performances, concerts, recitals, and a music school. It's a beautiful fit for such a special building.

Our seats were on the aisle - first "pew" back....SO GREAT!

Taking pictures of the performance was strictly prohibited, but I did take a picture of this little beauty - asleep on my lap during intermission. No, it wasn't a total repeat of last year's "Michael W. Smith Concert", as she did make it through 2/3rds of the performance....and given it lasted for 3 hours, ending at 10:30, I'll give her a little grace. However, the fact that she slept soundly though the chase scene in the Abbey while sirens and whistles were blowing was astounding.

I can't praise the performance high impressive. They definitely deserved the standing ovation they received at the end. Piper, Mikayla's friend (and member of her volleyball team), did such a good job as "Marta" - and Brayden's classmate, Anna, was wonderful as Louisa. Well done and Bravo girls!!!!!!

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