Tuesday, December 06, 2011

"Let Your Light Shine" at the Camp Harlow Auction

An event that I look forward to every year during this season (among so many others!) is the Camp Harlow Auction. I think this is the 6th year that it's been taking place, and we've been there each year. For the last three years, the company at our table has included the Whites, the Quigleys, and the Leightons (my fellow volleyball coach and Mikayla's school bff's mom and dad). Our table has moved into a better location each year we go (I'm thinking Dave, aka camp director, might have something to do with that....we have friends in high places!) - so now we are right in front of the stage and desserts table. Woo hoo!

When I brought my desserts over earlier in the afternoon, I had the opportunity to get a "sneak peak" at the decor for the event. I was in awe....it reminded me of "Narnia" - I felt like if I got up on the stage and sat on that lone red bench a furry woodland creature would appear out of no where and begin talking to me! I know the gal that put it all together and was grateful to be able to let her know just how gorgeous it was when I saw her on my way out. So beautiful - my little "point and click" camera didn't even do it justice!

Okay, on to a couple pics of the desserts I contributed. Each year, my memory isn't as strong as I think it should be this time of year, so I find myself actually counting on this blog to rely on to not duplicate when I shouldn't - or re-duplicate when I should. This is a Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake....(the one that required an overnight refrigeration)....

And this is an Oreo Cake that I put together. Both of the recipes were first time tries (always dangerous....), but I think they came out pretty good. The raspberry juice bled a little more than I would have preferred on the cheesecake, but maybe that added to its appeal....because - get this....it was picked FIRST by the highest bidding table for desserts! (Each table contributes a certain amount to go to the Camp - and the highest amount gets to pick their dessert first). There were 30 tables, therefore 30 desserts - and altogether they raised over $8000! The Raspberry Cheesecake was picked by a table contributing $700! And, then, shock of all shocks....the next highest bidding table picked my Oreo Cake! Of course, they hadn't tried all these before picking them, so who knows if they were any good, but I guess they "looked" good enough to try - and I made good choices in picking items a majority would pick.

This "majority preference" is actually an issue for our table group. Travis doesn't like raspberries (too seedy), John can't do citrus as he is allergic, Stephie and Dennis don't like coconut, and Chris isn't a big fan of pumpkin. So, that leaves us with a general chocolate preference....this year we got our first choice enjoying (immensely) a chocolate mocha almond cheesecake!

On to some "people pictures" beginning with John and I:
Travis and Steph (both John and Travis were a little "squinty"....):

Chris and Jonna:

And Lisa and Dennis:

And a glimpse of our happy table group:

The initial estimate for what was raised at Sunday evening's auction was over $63,000! That is definitely a new record. I think we'd all agree that the highlight of the evening was when a gentleman purchased a used vehicle donated by a local dealership, co-owned by members of our church. After he "secured the bid" at $5400, he came to the stage and admitted he had not purchased the vehicle for himself. Instead, he believed there was someone in attendance that either personally needed it, or knew who it should go to - and then welcomed that person to seek him out so he could give it to them. WOW! The entire audience gave him a much-deserved standing ovation, which it appeared was never his intention as he was nearly crying himself as he suggested his conviction.

Another wonderful year - perhaps my favorite so far.


StephieAnne said...

Travis, apparently you didn't get the memo that our table group dress code was black, silver/charcoal, or green.... Your red shirt throws the whole thing off.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie- I came across your blog because I googled "auction- light shine" and I am so glad I did. I actually worked at Harlow with some of you way back in the early 90's- haha. Everyone looks great!! Anyways- I am now the auction chair for my children's Christian school and am searching for decorating ideas. Theme: "Let Your Light Shine". I love the white trees with the lights. Did you buy them somewhere, cut them down; where did you get them? Are they in heavy pots so they don't tip? Please share. Thanks so much for the idea, and thanks for supporting Camp Harlow! Maurita Mader Colburn

StephieAnne said...

Maurita, thanks for stopping by. Since I didn't decorate for the auction, I'm not sure what exactly was done, other than I know that the white trees were just spray painted branches pulled from live trees. It sure turned out gorgeous, huh! Blessings to you and the auction you are planning!!!