Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Bucket List

I've spent the last 36 hours or so hanging out at Michele's house. I've reached my limit on what can be "listed, organized, and prepared from afar" and am to the point of itching to hop in my car to start crossing those things off of my list at my home. However, the kids are still sleeping (which I've also done a lot of while I've been here....apparently, I needed it) so this down time has led to blog surfing and eventually Pinterest. I saw this and thought I ought to share:

So, I'm actually doing pretty good with this list - or at least I will be by the time we reach 2012. A few things that won't get crossed off...."Horse Drawn Carriage Ride" (does playing flag football in a horse arena work?), "Make Fireplace S'mores" (let's face it folks, I made enough s'mores this summer to last all year long - and next year too!), and "Shuck Oysters"....(huh?!!!)

Any additional items you'd add to the "Winter Bucket List"?


Tiffany said...

Make a trip to Georgia and we can "shuck some oysters!" They're GOOOOood!!!!:D

Looks like a pretty good list of to-do's....maybe I should print this out and get to work. The boys and I are doing way too much sleeping and eating!

Neha said...

Good to see such a list. Should make something similar for myself too.

Have a Merry Christmas and a bless New Year!