Sunday, December 04, 2011

Christmas Monopoly

Arranged over a month ago, Saturday night brought Walt and Lauren over to our home for dinner and a festive game of "Christmas Monopoly".

We've owned this game for almost as many years as we've been married. Some years go by in which we don't get around to playing it - which is always a shame as it is a guaranteed good time (until you land on "Santa Claus" and ending up forking out your last dollar and going bankrupt). In light of that, we've discovered that if we set up a "date" with friends with that activity in mind, we are more successful in making it happen. It's especially fun if we can pull in some of these young they are less likely to have played this version before and we tend to be in better "game playing" behavior as a family that way. =)

Walt and Lauren are so much fun. Lauren is a junior at the UO while Walt graduated last spring (he JUST landed a position with Addidas....way to go dude!). They've been dating nearly a year - and as I've told John on a couple of occasions after hanging with Lauren, I'd really like to stay friends with them for a lifetime (so that would be great if they did end up married....). I could see them bringing their family down for a Duck game from Portland and our kids babysitting....see, I've got it all worked out! No, really, no pressure from us, but I say all this to point out how enjoyable they are.

As evidenced by this picture, Lauren ended up the big winner of the game, followed closely by a joint contribution between Mikayla and I. (I discovered at 9pm that the dessert I intended to make the next day for that evening's Harlow Auction required refrigeration overnight...UH OH!....So, I had to have a little "time out" in the kitchen to get a cheesecake going - hence Mikayla taking over.)

Here's hoping we can make a repeat of this event happen with these guys next year - and many other fun memories made together in between now and then!

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