Thursday, December 15, 2011

How Are You All Holding Up?

10 Days Until are y'all doing?

Around here, we're hanging in there. Plugging away with some of the to-do lists and events that are filling the calendar. Those include:

- The end-of-season volleyball party. We intentionally went for low-key with the girls watching "Monte Carlo" while eating pizza on blankets in Jonna's living room. Sad to see the sport season over, but trying to manage those practices and games during this time of year....glad to be done with that.
- Last night was Tyson Steele Practice Marketing's annual Christmas Party. We had it at Marche's - a nice restaurant in downtown Eugene. The food was excellent. Because of the size of the group (about 20 including spouses) it's hard to get to catch up with everyone. But, we were kept entertained by the company accountant sharing stories with his wife about their attempts to once and for all clear moles from their property. =) We were also blessed with Coach and Nordstrom presents from Tyson's wife, Gjusta, which was not only generous but promising some pretty fun shopping in the future!
- We just got our Christmas cards from the printer style for us - another change. =( But, hopefully, I'll get them signed and sent here pretty quick.

- I spent yesterday wrapping presents. It was a fun day wrapping - if I have the time and am not under stress - I really enjoy the creativity of present wrapping.
Between that and my baking day, I've had the opportunity to watch quite a few Hallmark and ABC Family holiday movies. Here's my review on the ones I've watched so far.

"Debbie Macomber's Trading Christmas" (I think that's the something....)
Hallmark Channel
I really liked this one. A special perk was the actor who used to play the starring role in "Ed"....really like him. All of the Debbie Macomber movies (Mrs. Miracle are in the titles of the other two - are outstanding - in fact, I think I actually like them better than this one).

"12 Dates of Christmas"
ABC Family
Cute....predictable "Groundhog's Day" theme....but I like the different approaches she took to "getting the day right"

"Holiday Engagement"
Hallmark Channel
I don't know why, but this one wasn't my absolute favorite....but certainly not bad - a good one to have on as background without having to pay special attention to

"A Princess for Christmas"
Hallmark Channel
Mikayla and I watched this while she was playing "Santa's Helper" in wrapping presents for the Riley side on Saturday. It was perfect to have on while she was in the room - very sweet.

"A Wedding Tail"
Hallmark Channel
I wasn't that sold on this one. Cute premise, sweet, clean....just not very captivating.

Those are just the 2011 ones....I've still got a few more recorded that I haven't yet watched along with plenty of favorites from years past.

How about you, any new Christmas movies you've enjoyed this year - or old favorites?

- Finally, tomorrow is the last day of school of 2011 for the kiddos. WOOO HOOO! While keeping them from fighting together might be difficult next week, I'm so thankful to be done with the early morning wake-ups, homework reminders, etc. Plus, I see a lot of Schilling kids time in the future for them, so I'm hopeful that will eliminate the arguing.... =)

Hang in there, my friends, during this crazy, hectic, but capable of being oh-so-joyful time of year!


Anonymous said...

I'm holding up fine. Shopping done. Baking on Saturday. Then hoping to get some wrapping done so that when I head to the beach with my kids for a few days I don't have to think about any of it!

I saw Trading Christmas, haven't yet seen the 12 dates one but plan to watch it. My favorite so far was The Good Witch's Gift. I LOVED the first two of these TV movies, and was excited to find this one on a few weeks ago. But now I found that there is a new one this year, too. They are such fun, feel good movies, and the Christmas Eve wedding was awesome.

j.nelson said...

i was just fine until you made me realize it's only 10 days away...

stephietoo said...

I am so excited that tomorrow is my last day of work until January 3rd. YAYHOO!!!

Jodi- You are done shopping?!!? Do you want to do some shopping for me? I kind of have an aversion to large crowds.

This year, the only Christmas movie I have watched is Nativity Story and half of The Holiday. I usually don't get into the spirit until after I am done with work.

Love you all!