Friday, December 30, 2011

Not Exactly a Winter Wonderland...

...but we've been having a delightful time despite that.

A little bit of a picture parade of how we've been keeping ourselves busy amidst the onslaught of rain pouring down.

Some bbq'ing steak inside the garage....(John did an excellent job, it was delicious!)

I'm not sure why I caught Traig looking like he'd just sucked a lemon, but Nati and Brayden are partners in crime in the midst of playing their new "Disney Universe" on PS3

Sydney looks like she's clutching the blanket as if it were her stuffed cozy!

Poor Baxter - the indignity of it! But, he's so obedient to keep that treat on his nose until Michael says, "OK" - it's so impressive!

A little Daddy/Daugther snuggling - taking place on the morning of Mikayla's 10th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART! Can't believe you are a decade old...

The breakfast of choice for Mikayla's birthday breakfast was Dutch Babies and Orange's her cousins appreciating her choice of beverage.

Mikayla asked to open her presents before we took off to go bowling-

Mikayla was delighted by the manicure/pedicure sets bestowed on her by Travis and Stephie. In fact, she sweetly asked if I would indulge her in a pedicure later in the evening. It wasn't up to "Bello" standards, but her toenails do look pretty great!

Speaking of Bello, a Blueberry Candle from there that she smelled and loved when we were last there together.

And, finally, "Kanani" the American Girl doll she has been asking for all year. This will probably be the last AG doll she'll ask we're savoring her current appreciation of Kanani.

The location may have changed (Lava Lanes this year), but the tradition remains to go bowling on Mikayla's birthday. Between our trip with Heather, Kaela, Kenjon, and Michael - and then Courtney and Ryan, and now - our kids are getting quite a bit of practice at bowling. In fact Mikayla was delighted at throwing a strike without the use of bumpers. =)

We were eager to have the kids keep their hands clean when they had the pizza and snacks amidst their bowling turns. (Kind of icky to consider the germ-potential within each of those shared bowling balls) That is why Mikayla is feeding John the Skittles.

The boys played in one lane while we played in the other. In the second game, John started having fun with some spin throws that Travis taught him - it was a hoot watching him "go for it" with such powerful throws.

A simultaneous throw with Michael in one lane and Nati in the other.

When we returned the kids convened in our bedroom to participate in some "Kids Just Dance 2" =)

After some play in the hot tub, hence the wet hair, Mikayla blew her candles out of her specially requested "Pizza Kuchen". It's actually "Peach Kuchen" - kind of a cobbler of sorts, but the name that she used when she was little has always stuck with us.

Finally, a picture taken today. Yes, look at that, it is SNOW! It started out as rain this morning (which really takes a toll on the morning hot tub reading) - but is now completely white and still coming down. YIPPEEE!!!!!! We'll take whatever we can get!


Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Mikayla!!!! It seems she had a terrific birthday with lots of love.

The snow looks AWESOME!!! We're wearing shorts here in Georgia...but the temps are forecasted to drop by the first of the week. NOT unusual for s-GA!:)

Have FUN, you guys!!!!

Rejoice Always said...

Seriously Steph, you're daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

StephieAnne said...

Ah thanks Tiffany and Heather - yes, Mikayla had a fun birthday, though I think she would have liked to have claimed the snow that came today on her birthday too!

And Heather, your words of "beauty" mean so much more when you click on your "Rejoice Always" name and read your last post - about beauty.... =)

sara said...

looks like you are having a GREAT time. I love that the "cousins" have so much fun together! That is one thing my kids have missed out one living so far from their cousins.

Happy New year!