Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We've Arrived

We're here. In balmy 41 degree, rainy Sunriver. It's a good thing I'd set my expectations accordingly, as it ain't pretty here - and the next two days (at least) promise to be even warmer and wetter. As evidenced by the pics at the bottom of the post - this morning did bring some snowfall. I woke up at 5am to see the white stuff coming down, and even in our blissful hot-tub-reading time, our hair was dotted with snowflakes. So, I guess you could say, no matter what happens from here, we didn't get completely skunked weather-wise (but, I'm still holding out a little bit of optimism for some potential snow on Friday or Saturday....)

All is not lost, of course, as it's the time to simply vacation and relax that we most anticipate. Good company, lots of food, and for us ladies, great reading material (for the guys, football and "Auction Hunters" or "Storage Wars" seems to be the choice for the day). Last night, we had another round of Christmas exchanges, largely with the Whites doing the giving to the kids, but with a few "just for fun" presents thrown in.

Because of a Kohl's Black Friday deal we just couldn't ignore, all the kids got flashlights. Those come in handy in a big house like this, and of course during overnight camps at Harlow and other out-in-the-future summer activities.

I'm not going to go into detail about this present - it's found in Solutions Magazine if you are really curious. Let's just say that John did not find the humor in his gift that the rest of us did.

In honor of his constant pleading to get us out snow-shoeing (and no, I don't think this year will be the golden year either) - a special ornament.

Ellie and the "Spy Gear" she had put on her list for Santa.

This was the game Traig most wanted to get. He's been a very happy camper since opening it.

And did I mention that Sunriver is the place we go to to relax? Yes, that's definitely happening!

That elusive snow...

A hearty breakfast of Diet Coke and chocolate mini-doughnuts. We didn't want to waste any of our first morning of reading/tubbing to make a big breakfast.

The kids - unfazed for now by the lack of snow - happily at play this afternoon.

I think because of Christmas Eve/Day being so exemplary this year, I find myself kind of lacking in the usual "we're here" bliss. I think there's a little grieving of the loss of my favorite time of year and obviously the whole mountain-top emotional high can only last so long. But, there's sure no reason for anything but joy around here -


Tiffany said...

You guys have fun....and be nice to John!;){but that's hilarious...I had to google it!}

sara said...

hope you have a great time. I did have to look up what "sublte butt" was...too funny!!!

Neha said...

Hope you have a good vacation. Reading is one of my favorite ways to unwind and relax.

StephieAnne said...

John isn't very happy about me putting his present up on my blog, but he appreciates y'all's support and sympathy. For the record, we've all been very harmonious here, quite the achievement with 6 adults, 5 kids, and 3 dogs.

And, Neha - it is so fun to have such a consistent reader who lives in India. My sister and I have been reading Colleen Houck's "Tigers Curse" series which places much of its settings in India....so fascinating! While obviously it is fiction, the details are so intriguing.