Friday, December 09, 2011

Lovin' Me Some Volleyball!

What a whirlwind this week has been. I feel like every moment has had to be purposeful. While there have been some activities filled with some serious pampering (time spent at Bello) - it's been offset by a whole lot of responsibility and preparation for upcoming events. Hence, I've been rather short-fused, which is exactly what I DON'T want to be this time of year. But, unfortunately, what happens is that there are no "margins" left in my days - so when someone/something unexpected demands better watch out, because that's what pushes me over the edge. Ask my kids....there's not a lot of love personified when I find myself picking up that "one more" cereal bowl or pair of shoes that just couldn't find themselves to their right place. Grrrrrr!

So, with all of this explanation, you'd think I'd be happy that this is the last week of volleyball. Of course, that will free up our time, but just like last year - by the time we get to the last week, the girls are all bonding and demonstrating so much improvement, it's hard to let it go. (Which is why I end up agreeing to coach the following year - conveniently forgetting about the drama that goes with it!)

John took some great pictures of the girls - but I kind of centered in on my own daughter and a couple of Kenady - her Gilham BFF. The first one shows a serve about to happen....she is now proving she is very capable of getting it over, but just like her mom, she can easily psyche herself out. Sometimes this uncanny similarity between the two of us delights me - and other times I feel bad that I've passed some of my own "lesser" traits on...

I love this pic as it shows Mikayla in action as well as Mikayla's fan club behind her - Leona, my mom and dad, and Stephie....and oh wait - I think that's Travis, but it's hard to tell as it appears his head is glued to his cell phone... =)

I LOVE these times when the girls are all so jazzed up - proud of their achievements and each other....and co-coaching with Jonna. It's all really been oh-so-worth it!

Mikayla sure seems to love it too!

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