Friday, December 16, 2011

Thursday Night Mug Designing

It's our last Thursday night get-together of 2011. Sigh....but, oh the memories to be made with these ladies in 2012!

We got our Christmas cards in the mail yesterday, so I set them out next to the name tags Mikayla made for each of the girls along with some Brown Sugar Almond Scrub I made via Pinterest...I told the gals if they weren't in to the product, at least the mini mason jar was cute and worth keeping!

Several weeks ago, Heather led us through the most edifying and encouraging experience as we shared our thoughts about each other one by one. The follow-up to that activity was to write one word that embodied each person on a mug that they would keep. We ran out of time that first night, so tonight was the night for mug-decorating. We had Dutch Babies and put "The Holiday" in the DVD player and went to work....

On to individual pictures....
This is word for her is "Interceder" as clearly that is her gift in abundance in her compassion and caring heart for so many people. She makes me constantly aware of how much more I need to be selfless.

This is Elaina. My word for her is "Warrior". She in no way personifies that based on her sweet disposition and quiet personality, but spiritually, she is a fighter and it greatly inspires me.

This is Heather. My word for her is "Victorious". Originally, I wanted to put "leader" down, but that was already taken. Heather is a "professional runner" with aspirations for the 2012 Olympics. However, life has a way of not always cooperating with our aspirations and God has a way of taking us to dreams fulfilled we never could have imagined. I want Heather to know I see her as victorious no matter where life takes her - as she's proved time and time again just how capable she is in Christ to surmount any obstacle.

This is Kimmie. My word for her is "Triumphant". Her year of 2011 was horrendous in so many ways - she kind of embodied Job in all that she had to face. However, she was triumphant through it all, as she gave it all to Christ every step of the way.

This is Kaela. My word for her is "Loved". There are so many positive adjectives that describe Kaela - she is organized, dependable, thoughtful, loyal, capable and talented, etc., etc., etc....and I think Kaela recognizes those qualities in herself to some degree. But I wanted Kaela to know that she is loved for so much more than those descriptions - by SO MANY people. She is a treasure among many's lives - but beyond that, she is perfectly loved by God.

This is Stephie. My word for her is "Chosen". I feel like there are many times in which Stephanie feels like she is part of something or part of a relationship by "default". I wanted Stephie to know that she is "Chosen" - not only as a incredibly irreplaceable part of my life, but as Travis' wife, and as our kids' "surrogate" mom, and priceless friend among these ladies. Most importantly, she was chosen by God to be His daughter....

This is Suzie. My word for her is "Gifted". As schedule would have it, Suzie gave me the first facial I've had in many, many years yesterday too. That was part of the inspiration of the word as she is indeed enormously gifted in her abilities as an aesthetician. But, Suzie is gifted in so many other capacities too - uniquely gifted by God to meet so many people's needs....
Not there last night was Christi - who I used the word "Radiant" to describe. Christi is attractive in every sense of the word and I see her used as true light for Christ both in her personal life as well as her professional career at Bello.

Courtney wasn't there either, but I'm very excited to be seeing her on Monday as her Christmas break begins this afternoon. My word for Courtney is "Complete" - because I see her that way - complete in every way and no longer needing to be or do anything else to be "ideal". She will continue to strive for perfection, but I want her to know I think she's "the best" just as she is.

And, then, there's me. Lots of words written on my mug that made me all mushy inside....

A final group shot of all of us with our mugs....PRICELESS!!!!!

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