Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday

It's at about this point in the week that I realize what poor blogger I've been, but can't seem to muster the energy to put up a post on any single event that's happened. So, that leaves me with another bullet point post:
  • On Sunday morning, one of the moms of the girls in Mikayla's class passed away. She'd been fighting a rare form of lung cancer and had put up a valiant fight for the last couple of years. I never actually met her. Her husband, Jack, is the "stay at home dad" and was actually Mikayla's first soccer coach. He's an amazing guy, so I have to believe the same about his wife. They have two daughters; one who's friends with Mikayla - and another who's in Brayden's class. They'll be having a celebration of life I'll attend next week. Oh how my heart pours out for that family...
  • I had my first "start of the new school year" meeting with a post-college gal yesterday. Oh, the beauty of life experience to be able to share with those going through similar trials.
  • Brayden had his second "real game" yesterday. They beat this team 30-0, the game prior was 32-0. When the scores are this lopsided, the "Mercy Rule" comes into play in which our coach will lose the ability to coach for the next game if we score again. Direct quote from Brayden to the coach, "So, if I catch an interception, what do you want me to do?" His answer, "Run it down to the one and take a knee". It didn't happen, but I love that kid's optimism.
  • However - and it took me through this morning to sort through my "unsettled-ness" about the whole thing - I find myself struggling with "heightened expectation" for his performance on each game. Yesterday, there was a lofty pass that it looked like it was Brayden who caught it, only to discover it was #3 and not #8 - and I'd celebrated my son's stellar reception in error. I think with John's mom, my mom and dad, and the Whites there for the game - I'm in this position of feeling like the coach needs to play him more, he needs to do more, or maybe he just needs to be one of the other kids who are faster, flashier, and bigger. It's totally my own issue, I'm just 'fessin' up - (and, for the record, I love my son for exactly the kid that he's just that sports can sometimes be a hard thing for parents)
  • Tonight is the first night back with our "Tuesday Night Ladies" who have now become the "Thursday Night Ladies" due to schedule changes. I think I'll start referring to them as my TNL's - that way it can apply to both groups, including Courtney who's at med school, Christi, who's married up in Portland, and Amanda - who's new to join us this year. It feels like so long since we've all gotten together, I'm so happy to be able to be together again.
  • And, speaking of Christi - I for sure get to see her again today too. She may or may not be able to join us on select Thursday evenings as she's taken one day a week to return to Bello to hold on to some of her favorite clients (or clients, like me and John, who are unwilling to let her go). I'm finally getting my hair done and returning to a little more auburn - so excited!
  • Did I mention how much fun last week's sub assignment was? I get to return there again on Friday afternoon.....hopefully it will be another great way to end the week.
  • And, finally, and for the record - after feeling very loopy all Monday, I've felt great for the rest of the week. Thank God I've felt such a full recovery from Sunday's horrid-ness.
  • Alrighty, I've been ignoring pleas for help in blow-drying hair and making lunches for too get going!

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