Tuesday, September 27, 2011

CCF: Back in Action

Just got a give a shout-out to our Ducks. Another great win over Arizona, our players really dazzled during this game, and we felt super excited for our buddy, Kenjon Barner who had quite the come-back game and scored a couple of touchdowns. It's a bye week for us this weekend - with a Thursday night game next week.

On Sunday, Mikayla had the first of her pre-season volleyball clinics and Brayden had football practice. Eventually, they both headed over to hang with Andrew and Christina while John and I flew solo (without the kids) to the first CCF of the year.

As evidenced by these pictures, it was VERY well attended. Corey gave an outstanding "Come to Me (Jesus speaking)" message, just the perfect kind of message to encourage those attending for the first time that we are all real people, with real struggles and worries - and oh so much hope can be found in Jesus. John and I are trying to be more intentional in "starting over" with the younger set - many of our "originals" have "flown the nest", and while those relationships are also important for us (in many cases) to maintain, it's time to step out and try to re-introduce ourselves to the new folks. It's never easy, but I feel like I'm better equipped with the right people to strategically "link me" with other gals.

This morning, I find myself with a nice little cold (thanks, Brayden, for passing that one on) - given the gray rain outside right now, it sounds like the perfect day to snuggle up with a blanket, book, Russian tea, and the full DVR of new season shows. Too bad errands and laundry are a higher priority!

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