Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Autumn!

First day of Fall....ahhhhhhhh!

We still have temps in the 80's here, but that's set to change next week. I see rain on the horizon, and we Oregonians are almost yearning for it. (But don't remind us of that next May when it's been going on straight for 5 months!).

So, pic of the day - a burning Yankee Harvest favorite - and sunflowers straight from my mom's garden:


Anonymous said...

I love sunflowers and yours are beautiful. Have a great weekend!

j.nelson said...

I love this. I love love love this. The other day I smelt a familiar smell and I thought.. what is that? Why does that smell so cozy? And then I got it.. STEPH! It smells like Steph's home! =) I miss you Steph and I miss cozy moments at your house. Love you