Friday, September 02, 2011

So Much Less Stress

Wow, my sleep schedule is way off right now.  Last night I was awake until 2am, no headaches or anything, just kind of "wired".  (It was a fantastic Wednesday night sermon...and I felt like dwelling on it for a while).

So, here I am again, nearing on midnight, doing the "night owl" thing - which is so not my norm.  On a whim, I decided to peruse my writings of the first half of September of last year.  You know how there are times when in the midst of it, you recognize it's hard, but only in hindsight you realize just how hard?  That was totally last year for me.  I was adjusting to Brayden being in middle school and so worried about how he'd cope academically (organizationally!) and socially to that big step.  It was also a scary time with a new football coach and heightened concerns for him not being "enough" for that situation.  Throw in worrying about my daughter's soccer team, me suffering withdrawals of summer, and the consideration of substitute teaching - and I realize now what a wreck I was then.

As for this year...well, I don't want to get too ahead of myself, as school hasn't even begun - but, I am breathing easier.  Brayden has the same coach and after having endured the first week of grueling conditioning, they've already moved onto position/strategy practice and the temperatures were even more comfortable.  While Brayden is still the smallest guy, the team numbers are down, and he's already had a year under his belt to prove himself - so he'll do just fine.

In addition, yesterday we got his schedule.  They haven't assigned electives yet, but of his four core classes, three of the teachers are ones he had last year and liked.  The one that's not a repeat is probably just as well anyway - at least Brayden would say so.  Okay - I can handle this!  In addition, I watched the rapport he had with others as he confidently walked into registration - that kid is just where he needs to be and is doing FINE.  Fine enough, anyway for me not to stress indefinitely over.

As for Mikayla, she just found out she'll have a veteran teacher that we were really hoping she'd have for fourth grade.  There was a possibility of her getting someone I would not have been okay with, so I am very thankful it all worked out.  Kenady is in her class too....and she's choosing to just focus on volleyball this year, so we don't even need to cross the "sports" bridge with her yet. 

So PHEW!!  Next week will be busy enough and crazy enough in its own right with John heading off from Wednesday through Sunday serving as president of Mens' Round-Up this year, the kids starting school on Wednesday (Mikayla) and Thursday (Brayden), a very big "Football 101" event with the Womens' Ministry of our church on Friday night that I'm helping with, a Duck game on Saturday, a wedding Saturday evening, and Brayden's Football Jamboree on Sunday.  Given all of that, there's just no room for me to give in to anxiety for the kids....good thing it doesn't seem necessary.  Thank you Lord!


sara said...

so glad to hear that things are more smooth and easy this year!! However, it doesn't sound like things are less busy! ha!!

Have a GREAT Labor Day, Steph!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping your family has a wonderful year! Enjoy your time together.

Anonymous said...

"like"... .wait this your blog. So happy to hear this!!!