Saturday, September 24, 2011


I took a walk this morning with Sydney. At around 9:30, it was probably about 65 degrees - not a cloud in the sky, and just the glorious embodiment of what the end of September should look like. Along the walk, I crunched on golden leaves, I ducked beneath the perfectly circular webs stretching along the tree branches, with their designers sitting straight in the middle, and I smelled the fragrance of wild blackberries still ripe, thanks to summer starting so late around here. Rain is expected to come with a vengeance tomorrow, so I really tried to soak it all in....BEE-EAUT-I-FULL!!

As for last night, we took a trip to the movies with the kids to see "A Dolphin's Tale". Pretty much the perfect family movie to go to, I can't recommend it high enough as far as the sweet message and endearment. It's exactly what our family needed, as it had been a week of some pent up tension, particularly for Brayden, who isn't exactly the kind of kid who enjoys every moment being taken up by school and practices. Thank God for a day like today, with nothing on the docket but hanging with friends and watching football on tv....
Last night I also finished Lauren Oliver's book, "Delirium". The premise of the plot had intrigued me, but it wasn't until Jenny B. Jones suggested it on her blog that I finally purchased it myself and gave it a read. It's set in an unknown-as-to-exactly-when future United States of America in which the government has enclosed itself to create a "safe" place where all citizens are "cured" of love. Love has been determined to be the root of all chaos and ultimately evil - so to rid its existence is the only way to guarantee order. I've read better written books, I am not thrilled that the handful of expletives were necessary for the author to include, and it took a while for the action to kick in...HOWEVER, the concept of such a mandatory "cure" is very, very intriguing. Before each chapter, the author adds fictional excerpts from government resources and propaganda that gives reasoning as to why living in a world muted from any extremes of emotion would be so much better than living with the "disease" of love. It is not a Christian novel, but as a Christian, I felt like there was quite a prevailing theme that one could come away with as to what God truly feels for us, and how powerful the depth of that is.
A final recommendation that fits right with the season. I know I've been talking about the Yankee Harvest Candle...oh so good. But, Walmart now carries some jar candles by Better Homes and Gardens. They are less than $5, and the Country Kettle Corn scent, my goodness, so yummy! The smell carries through the house too, as it currently is right now.

So that's my two cents - happy weekend everyone!

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Anonymous said...

The younger kids have been telling me about that movie and I wondered if it was a good one. I guess we'll have to go see it together. Luke pointed out the last time I bought a sugar cookie candle that it's sort of like a dirty trick. He walks through the kitchen expecting to find something good to eat because the house smells so wonderful and it's just a candle. Poor guy. =)