Sunday, September 04, 2011

Losing...Not a Lot of Fun

...LOSING as the Oregon Ducks against LSU. That was NOT the outcome we were hoping for. Our poor boys shot themselves in their feet over and over again with interceptions and fumbles. I know I've got some readers from the south, but I have just have to put it out there that it's not easy being beat by the SEC 2 games in a row. If you watch ESPN, one would say the world spins on the "SEC axis", so we wanted to prove something. the anxiety is lowered a bit in watching each game. Perhaps the "big one" is out of reach, but lots of positive results are definitely attainable. The outcome of last night's game wasn't just one person's fault, there's a lot of Ducks hanging their heads for mistakes they made, but it will draw them together and they will learn. It will get better.

...LOSING the freedom that summer offers. The "what's on the agenda" for the day independence, and opportunity to sleep in. The adventures and all the fun. is TIME for some structure. For some routine. For some discipline. A family can only maintain chaos for so long without it wearing us all out. I think we've reached that point (but it doesn't mean we all won't still live for the weekends and vacations!)

...LOSING the weight. Oh yes, that 15 or so pounds I've put on since seeing my doctor in June. Once again, it's been quite a ride, a whole lot of fun! There's a lot of opportunities to "celebrate" with feasting in the summer, and particularly in August, I don't miss a one.... =) I feel about myself? NOT so fun. Not at all. It's time. I want to wear all the clothes in my closet, not just the select few that hide the most. Plus, with my neck the way it is, it's really important I'm consistently back in the gym, particularly with the Group Power and how it strengthens my back. Actually it's PAST time...

...LOSING the summer weather and sunshine. This summer started a bit late, but once it began for us, it's been glorious. No complaints, just phenomenal.

HOWEVER...I really don't have a however. Well, I wouldn't mind the temperatures to drop; allowing the flannels, scarves, and cozy sweaters to be brought out. But to suggest getting rid of the sun, nah not so much - except for the days in which we want snow! =)

So, there you go. It's time for change. But, I still have two more days to enjoy. Tuesday is when the change happens. In the meantime, I'll be "wallowing over our losses" with the Schillings in our sweet little retreat at their home.


sara said...

We were actually watching that game too last night....some LSU fans here. :{ I guess I shouldn't say "we" because I was not watching.

I'm with you on losing the weight. Mostly I need to get back to the gym so I can sleep better. working out really does help me sleep..but I hate every minute of it...ugh.

Summer is over, but we are still enjoying the warm temps. I have 10 kids at my house this weekend and they are enjoying the pool!!

StephieAnne said...

Yes, I saw the pics on facebook, looked like a blast. Our weather will still be in high 80's this week, so it will still feel like summer for a while yet here too.

Still a little time left on this long weekend, enjoy!

Tiffany said...

TALK ABOUT LOSING!!!!! Not only did Oregon lose {my son's favorite and growing on me and Jon, esp against LSU (sorry Sara)} but our HS team lost and GA lost! THREE LOSES in one weekend....NOT GOOD! Saturday night we could only view Oregon and LSU during commerical updates on we didn't get to see much other than the score. But I have to say mistakes, mistakes, mistakes on our part...for HS and the DAWGS! We definitely have some growing room. Good luck with the kids starting school tomorrow. I hope it's a GREAT day for you all.:)

StephieAnne said...

We were rooting for Georgia too! (A little tired of Boise State)

Sorry to hear about your high school team too - good grief, not a good way to start out the season.

Yes, lots of mistakes, it certainly reminds me of our start with Boise State two years ago - at least it didn't end with one of our players slugging one of their players.

Anytime you or your boys hear the name "Kenjon Barner" (#24), just know that he and John are working together to introduce him to what walking with Christ looks like - he's a really neat guy - we had the opportunity to take him out on the boat a couple of times this summer (his first time!).

Oh well, we'll get through. Now, for us, starting school again....crazy how long it's taken us to get there, huh?