Monday, September 12, 2011

More Wedding Pics Courtesy of Kaela Mey Photography

I'm putting these additional pictures up to give you more of a sense of how beautiful the wedding on Saturday night was, as my little "point and shoot" did not give it justice. Not to mention, they are prime "Pinterest" fodder, especially if you are putting together a "wedding" board (as I may or may not be doing for my kids to someday use.....) =)

Ah, Sarah. Her new sister-in-law (Ryan's sister) is looking at her in the reflection.

Where we dined....

The appetizer area, right near the "Photo Booth" - a clever combo for guests to pass the time while the bride and groom take the post-wedding photos.

The cupcakes, in lieu of wedding cake.

And, my favorite idea, by far - the Candy Bar, with containers marked with the bride and groom's name to fill the candy in.

In place of a guest book, each person put a "thumb print" leaf onto this canvas and put their family initials or name on it. So beautiful and creative...

Love this picture of the gals all taking a Starbucks break on such a hot afternoon...

Mikayla and I posing. Noticeably obvious are my dark roots, I can't wait for Christy to get back from her honeymoon so I can have her return my hair color to a more auburn hue. Next Thursday can't come fast enough....(and in the meantime, I utilized Clairol's Root-Touch-Up this that stuff!)

Cute seat sign for the bride and groom.

Finally, as we were all finishing our meals, they had Ryan and Sarah sit back to back. They each removed their shoes and gave one to the other. They were then asked a series of questions of who "did first", or "would be more likely to", etc....for them to answer. I think they were almost 100% accurate in the their like answers - which doesn't surprise me at all. =)

Thanks, Kaela, for these much-improved pictures compared to mine!

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Bobbi Jo said...

Oh my GOSH! I love weddings, and that one looks like it was such a BEAUTY! Wow... I love the cupcakes and the "candy bar" and the picture of you and your little sweetie pie-pie. Glad to hear the start of the year is going well for you, too. Happy fall, right? (Where did summer GO!?)