Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ryan and Sarah Get Married!

I'm telling you, by the time Mikayla ties the knot, she will have file folders full of ideas for what her idea wedding will look like. Such creativity and beauty, my Pinterest board will be overflowing in no time.

This wedding was held at Deepwood Estate in Salem, a garden area offering a whimsical fairy tale setting. Candles in glass jars hanging from trees, flowers hung in mason jars along the ceremony chairs, a photo booth, and candy station - ready to fill pre-made wedding favor boxes. (Our favorite spot).

Ryan and Sarah met through CCF and they are both such upstanding, amazing people, that truly make each other better by being together. Ryan's dad is a pastor, so to see his love for the two of them and pride and confidence in their union was special indeed. Sarah is Elaina's sister (on of my Tuesday Night Ladies), so it was a delight to see her looking stunningly gorgeous as maid of honor.

As John is still at Mens' Round-Up, so it was just Mikayla and I enjoying the romance of it all. Brayden opted to stay back with Traig, and given the mid-90's temperatures and their inability to get along 100% of the time during these events - I was fine with that decision. =)

So, congratulations Ryan and Sarah - you two are a "Modern Day Fairy Tale"!


sara said...

So pretty!

I have started a pinterest wedding board..don't tell my daughter, she would KILL me!! :)

StephieAnne said...

I'm doing it for the same reason, and totally thought of that when I saw your board!