Saturday, October 02, 2010

I'm Feeling It!

No, we're not actually at Game Day right now. This may sound terrible, but our family has "been there, done that" - and we recognize that the consequences of waking up at 3:30am to secure a good place of viewing of the Game Day guys....was just not worth it. (Cranky attitude, certain need for a nap taking away a chunk of the day, and dealing with cold, bored, and weary kids in a crowd that big....we decided to pass). But, we are WATCHING it....cozy in our living room. The Harvest candle is burning, Russian Tea in my mug, the house straightened up (thanks, family, for the team effort) - and I'm dressed in black - prepared already for tonight's black-out.

I'll admit, we're nervous for tonight. By no stretch of the imagination do we think tonight's game is going to be a roll-over. Stanford is ranked 9th for a reason - and perhaps should be ranked even higher. If we are going to win today, we're going to need to bring our absolute "A" game - everyone's gotta be bringing it. But, I'm thankful we have what Stanford doesn't - the "12th man" - that would be the crowd at Autzen. This evening, the kids are NOT coming with us, assuring that John and I will be focused to bring it - and we are so excited for this "date night" together.

So, here's to a good day.....with perhaps, dare I say it, a promise of giddiness.....

(A few postscripts):

This is the closing image of Game Day today, with Lee Corso wearing the Duck head (another great choice by Corso....) - the guy on the viewer's left is "Justin" who is one of the guys we've befriended through fun to see him have the experience of a lifetime!

This is Brayden's efforts towards making a prediction for the game tonight - final score on his PS3 Stanford vs. UO showdown Stanford, 24 - Ducks, 56. I like it!

Finally, proving we are supporters of both Oregon teams, the cupcakes (headed to Amy's house with the kids tonight) - don both team's colors.......


j.nelson said...

haha i love this. i couldn't stop singing the i love my ducks song yesterday because in our parking lot came a few little ducks.. totally out of the norm for here.. we call them our little angels and its a fun reminder of home for me.

Jen and Bern said...

Love this post.. right from your living room. GO DUCKS!