Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kickin' It at the Fall Retreat

Early this afternoon we returned from Camp Tadmor for CCF's Fall Retreat. Personally, it was a rough start to the weekend. I'm still not sure quite what hit me - but on Friday I was under the weather. I tried to coerce each of the kids to stay home with me while the other one went up to Tadmor with Daddy - but, a staying home with a sick mommy could hardly compare to the excitement of the retreat. Direct quote from Brayden, "Sorry, Mom, Tadmor is just too special". Whatever, I see where I rate....

Fortunately, the Rileys get some very first-rate lodging at Camp Tadmor - a regular three bedroom suite with a kitchen and all! So, I literally drug myself through the house once John got home, barked some directions to the kids regarding packing, kept myself as still as possible in attempts to sleep (and not throw up) on the way to the retreat - and "without passing "go"" - hobbled straight into bed upon arrival. I think I can chalk the whole thing up to a migraine as, by the next morning, I was feeling nearly 100% again. (Though, I'm so thankful I have a 12 o'clock appointment with Mom tomorrow - it's been toooo long since I've seen her and my back and neck are letting me know!).

So, anyway, back to the retreat. I have nothing to report about Friday night as I virtually wasn't there....but Kaela snapped a few pictures of Brayden and Mikayla's night time adventures. Despite the name tag, the guy sitting next to Brayden is Walt - not our pastor, Corey Rose. John is showing off Brayden's football pictures.

Can you tell the food was fantastic? This is Saturday morning's breakfast spread.

Mikayla and Walt were constantly "at it" with staring and no-smiling contests

Feeling much better, Mikayla and I started Saturday with a walk around the pond/lake that is the focal point of Tadmor. We ended the stroll with a few pics of her throwing leaves - wish I had more than my little point-and-click when taking these photos

Our speaker was interesting, enlightening, inspiring, and very real - there was absolutely no "looking at the clock" moments while listening to him. (Though, I have to confess, due to the muscle relaxant I took late Friday night - I was dying trying to keep my eyes open during the morning session!). This picture shows our speaker, Alan, and his wife Stacy - on the left - with Jeanne and Corey Rose on the right - our CCF Pastor.
After the first session, there was the annual flag football game, which Mikayla and I watched from the sidelines while John and Brayden actively participated in. Congrats to Brayden for scoring a for John, let's just say it wasn't his year! =)

I love the fact that there's a Tootsie Pop in my hands....

By not participating, it gives me some good "chat time" with ladies on the sideline - and after this weekend I have more friends to add to my Facebook. =)

During the evening - we were able to tap into a live feed of the Wisconsin vs. Ohio State game. The outcome of that game had huge ramifications for us Ducks - as Ohio State was #1, and we were #2, knock them out - and you know what that means! So, it was a cozy scene - John's computer opened up on a table in the lodge/dining hall - with the big fireplace roaring next to us - and a crowd of college students hovered around.

In general - it was a more subdued crowd that attended - which sometimes can be a good thing. Occasionally, when you have a lot of dominant personalities, there can emerge more cliques and conflicts, and during this retreat - everyone just seemed to blend.

For sure, it was just the sort of weekend I needed to get to know some more of these students, without any pressure attached. It felt good - we left very encouraged.

A couple more not-to-be-missed shots of the kids - Brayden peeking through something - I love that expression on his face.....that IS Brayden.
One of the things CCF does at every retreat is put up encouragement envelopes - Mikayla loves to write to people to encourage them.....(she just loves to write, period! - wonder where she gets it?!)

I think it's fitting that Kaela has the last picture of the set - as she's the one that supplied these amazing images. Thanks for keeping our history alive, Kaela!


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