Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mommy-Daughter Day

Despite the fact that my kids are both in schools in the same district, due to Brayden's school being run in trimesters and Mikayla's being run in semesters - Mikayla got Friday off while Brayden had to trudge his way off to school.

So, I decided to do something special with Mikayla. I had told her earlier this month that I would be available to go on a field trip with her, but then, I inadvertently took a two-day sub assignment that canceled out my opportunity to go with her. Due to that (and the fact that I ended up working more than I had planned on), I decided to indulge us both with pedicures (something Mikayla has been begging for since the day I first took her a year and a half ago...). Let me just say, it was BLISSFUL! While I'm super happy with how my feet feel and the color on the toenails - the real experience is the heated, rolling, shiatsu, vibrating chair, with the heat pack on my neck, and hot apple cider being served to me chair side. Not to mention the wonderful gals that were so sweet doing our pedicures.... Mikayla just kept saying, "I never want to leave, I want to stay here forever". Me too, babe, me too!

We followed up our pedicure appointment with a quick trip to the mall - and some special holiday jammies for Mikayla. Then, later that evening, we picked up Mikayla and headed over to the locally owned 50's style burger joint "Dickie Jo's" - for dinner with Kaela and Elaina.

From there, Kaela joined me and the girls to go to the UO volleyball game. Unfortunately, the Ducks lost (they were playing the 4th ranked Stanford team) - but, it was amazing to watch, nonetheless. These two girls will begin their volleyball season on Tuesday - were hoping they picked up on a few skills that they saw. (I highly doubt it though, as Mikayla was so wound up messing with Kaela....)

All in all, a super special day hanging with my daughter!

P.S. - In a case of pure freakiness, Mikayla woke up telling me about her "stress dream" of realizing it was the day before Christmas and not having purchased the presents she wanted to for her cousins....she said she was bawling in her dream. Interestingly, I woke up having had a similar dream - it being the night before Christmas, still needing to purchase presents and having nothing special for Christmas breakfast......What have I done to this poor girl!?!

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sara said...

what a perfect day!!!