Thursday, October 21, 2010

LIfe As We Know It

I knew this week was going to be a little nutty, but now that I'm living it, I find myself just barely staying ahead of the tide. Every night this week has included some event - the AO House panel, going to see the following movie that I'll post about, last night's Pop Warner football game for Brayden (another good reception for Brayden - and some actual yardage gained on a run for him.....AND another win!), and then tonight, our #1 ranked Ducks (I just have to throw that out there whenever I can, while it still applies) face the UCLA Bruins for a 6pm game.

Throw in a sub assignment yesterday and another one today, and life has become a carefully orchestrated symphony of who's picking up what kid afterschool or before a sporting event so that eventually, we all meet up at where we're supposed to be. "Life As We Know It" - nice title for our life right now.....but also the title of the movie our Bible Study group went to see Tuesday night......

I'm so excited that everyone got to go. The movie was well done (in my opinion). It was definitely not a light-hearted romantic comedy - if you know the basic plot line of the movie, it's obvious its got an underlying theme that is quite sad. But, I think we all enjoyed it - along with our popcorn and other goodies that Courtney supplied for us!

I have to say, though - that I missed actually "catching up" with these gals - after the movie when we all went our own ways, I felt like saying - hey, what about this prayer request, or that one? We'll get back to our normal next week, but that longing to connect with them all just proves how much I value this group of amazing women.

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