Saturday, October 02, 2010

Oh What a Night!

Tonight was so stressful, so unnerving, so emotional! By the end of the first quarter, I was ready to concede that Stanford really is THAT GOOD, and Oregon is a great team, but we just don't have what it takes to compete against the really amazing teams out there. At that point, we were down 21-3....and the crowd was practically silent in Autzen.

But, our team has proven itself resilient in the past, and with some very clever play calls, we found ourselves only down by one touchdown at halftime. Even, through the second half, as we found ourselves up by one touchdown, and then miraculously up by another touchdown - the crowd still didn't quite believe we could let our breath out. It wasn't until LaMichael James cut through the line of scrimmage and ran about 76 yards down for our third touchdown lead, did my new-found seat neighbor, "Dana", and I, actually allow ourselves to believe we'd leave the stadium with the win. (We were identical in our hold-our-breath nervousness about the outcome of the game).

And, win we did! 52-31....the 4th ranked Ducks took out the 9th ranked Cardinals. And, here's the thing about being so emotionally vested in a sport - or a team. It can be terrible for a person's anxiety, but, when it ends successfully.....oh, what a ride!

So, here I am, giddily overjoyed. What a date night for John and I! The hugs, the high-fives, SO MUCH FUN! And, currently, we are re-watching the game that we DVR'd, to hear the commentary from ESPN's announcers. Brayden's sharing the couch and blanket with me, as John and I give him the heads-up on what is about to happen with the game. It's been a spectacular day - and to conclude this post, some spectacular pictures taken with John's new phone. Oh what a night!

(Incidentally, the Oregon State Beavers also won their home game against Arizona State. It was a deserved win, but not a rollover either.... in other words, a great game to be a part of. Michele and I texted from our seats in separate stadiums to keep each other posted on the other's scores and sanity....Way to go, state of Oregon football!)


Ladybug grandma said...
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Ladybug grandma said...

Great shots and a Great Game! Way to go Ducks and fans. Was an electric atmosphere.

sara said...

you are so funny!!! love the txting to keep your sanity!