Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

By the time anyone will probably read this, we'll already be to Thursday - yippee! There's so many little things to blog about that I thought I'd do a little "Thursday Thoughts" update.

#1: Brayden's 6th grade football team is now 5-0. Tonight they played the other undefeated team and the final score was 32-6. (Our win). As I've been part of teams that have a talent for pulling the win out, but not being that overwhelmingly awesome, you get the feeling when you watch these guys play that they really are that good. It's a whole team that is good too - so many contributors to the scores- (and on the other side, preventing the scores). Including (drum-roll please....) - MY SON! Yes, tonight Brayden caught a pass intended for him and stretched the ball over the goal line for a point after conversion. This family is overjoyed.....once again, he had his family fan-club in attendance, and we were all just so giddy. The fact that Brayden was the intended recipient after only the second touchdown was almost as big of a deal to me as well - once again, it just keeps supplying to the conclusion that Brayden is indeed being called to play because the coach believes he can contribute to the team and the score - instead of just playing him because he has too. Sigh......I'm so happy for him.

(Incidentally, buddy-since-pre-school "Tanner" was the one that completed the initial touchdown - so Nancy and I were definitely giving each other high fives with this score....[Tanner is kind of that "super athlete" kid that is awesome at whatever he pursues - and while we always celebrate when Tanner scores - it actually happens a lot! =) ])

This guy with the crazy face is "Donnie" - one of the assistant coaches who has invested most in Brayden. He calls him "Big B" - and is the one that told us how much heart he has. Catching his expressions as he raced to greet Brayden once he got to the sidelines was huge for John and I. (John actually went to high school with him!)

#2: Today I taught first grade for half of a day. (I thought it was supposed to happen on Tuesday, good think I re-checked the date....what a dummy!) Oh my was just as challenging as I remembered. Literally, within the first 5 minutes of meeting the kids, these are just a fraction of the statements I heard from these "precious" little ones:
"I like your boots"
"I like your scarf"
"I like your dress"
"Today is my birthday"
"Did you know we're sisters? - She's my adopted sister"
"The helper is supposed to be the line leader"
"Don't turn off the lights, only the helper turns off the lights"
"Bobby keeps turning off the lights....(this girl is near tears that is telling me)"
"My red butterfly silly band is missing, I think someone stole it"
"Can you ask the class if they've seen my silly band - it's a red butterfly"
"Uh, teacher, what's your name, my butterfly band was left on my desk and now it's gone"

Seriously, that was before I had even begun any sort of instruction. Don't even get me started on what "Calendar Time" is like....there are about 15 different parts to it, and of course the kids expect them to happen in order - and the helper is supposed to choose the kids, but they aren't supposed to raise their hands - but, then there's the birthday girl that should get to do things.....YIKES!

There is definitely a delightful "fun factor" to them, if you can keep up with the pace and get them to relax that "Yes, you will be doing things differently". One of the last things we did for the day was to go over appropriate techniques for dealing with conflict. I really got a kick out of using the "Skunk" puppet and the "Butterfly" puppet to demonstrate the do's and don'ts of dealing with name-calling and teasing - by ignoring or walking away. I have way too much "material" at my disposal with my own kids - so, sure enough, the skunk was named Brayden and Mikayla was the butterfly. As the puppets attacked one another, the kids were in stitches..... =)

#3: We had a couple of gals unable to make last night's meeting due to work conflicts - so we waited to dig into the material until we could all be together. That led to lots of silly and bonding conversations with those in attendance. We all decided to go to see a movie together next week and the ensuing conversation about what kind of candy we'd each want lasted a long time. I love these ladies - and when a couple of them hung around until 10:45 last night, it just made me love them even more.

#4: On Monday, I met up with a high school friend of mine who is a second grade teacher at an elementary school in the district where I teach. I used to sub at the school quite a bit (in my prime) - but now the staff has all changed. Kari kindly walked me around to meet the teachers, and already I have 5 pre-arranged assignments there. (Four for the same 5th grade class....that's definitely my favorite grade - I just hope we like each other!). One of the teachers now working at that school was my student when I taught at the middle school across the street....I'm definitely feeling my age lately!

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