Thursday, September 30, 2010

Way to Go, First B!

I wouldn't have even known this happened, if it weren't for Kaela mentioning it and later on showing me pictures of it. On Wednesday, Brayden's middle school did a school-wide walk to a park nearly 3 miles away. It was a fundraiser.....don't get me started on why a "walk" is worthy of making money (between two schools, several sports, etc, etc...I have a bit of an attitude about envelopes for pledges being thrust into my face expecting a check....), but that's fodder for another post - or maybe not, I think I'd end up being way too negative!

Anyway, when our new church building was constructed a new road was made too, which ended up serving as a safer shortcut for the destination that the mid-schoolers were headed to. I'm sure our mid-school youth pastor was the one that tipped off our church's staff, but prior to the kids' arrival, our head pastor instructed the entire staff (even the nursery workers) to join him outside so that they could be on hand to pass out water bottles to the mid school kids walking by. They played some rockin' Christian music on the loudspeakers, and greeted the kids with smiles and handshakes.

Way to go, First B! I'm glad the kids in our community got an opportunity to see just how great our church can be.

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