Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Leona!

Happy birthday to the woman who frequently signs her cards: Mom, Grandma, Mom #2.....aka Leona - John's mom and my beautiful mother-in-law. And I wish her a WONDERFUL day.

Not only did she give birth to John (along with his twin brother at that particular trip to the hospital - and another older brother on another visit!), but she helped form and nurture his character and values which I can never be thankful enough for. Moreover, she was always there for him- in his "naughty" days, and sad days - demonstrating an unconditional love, helping to fill the gaping hole left behind when John's father chose "another life" instead of sticking around to be a dad.

These days, Leona doesn't have to worry about her trouble-making son quite so much.... so now that she's retired from being a math teacher out in Junction City (many people I've run into that had her as their teacher say that she was her favorite.....) - she's free to pursue her passion of antiquing. Which leads me to another great thank-you. If you've even been to our house, or seen pictures of the interior, 90% of the accent furniture or decor in the house is because of her. (All of our coveted trunks, our 50's style kitchen table and the beautiful antique Coca Cola bottle vending machine). It's these pieces that have given our home its signature style - and for us have created such a cozy home. We are so proud to have them - and so thankful for her generosity.

So......Thank You (for all of the above and more), We Love You, and Happy, Happy Birthday Mom, Mom #2, and Grandma!

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stephietoo said...

Happy Birthday, Leona! We hope your day is filled with joy, and lots and lots of antiques! :o)~ Love, Travis and Stephanie