Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Love These Ladies

(From left to right: Courtney, Kaela, myself, Heather, Christi, Kimmie, Elaina, and Stephie)

And this is our Tuesday night Bible Study-Dinner Fellowship-"Glee" Viewing Party. Last night as folks were addressing some of the things that make them feel low in the whole self-worth department, I let them know how amazing I truly think they all are - each "stars" in their own field and how remarkable I considered it to be that not only could we get everyone to gather together, but that I was so blessed that it would happen in my home.

I think our "Study time" will only get better and better. So far, there's still a lot of quiet (that, of course, leads me to fill the time with my own stories...I just don't do well with "silence") - but it's becoming more and more clear that it's not because the ladies don't have opinions, aren't invested, or are bored, but moreso, the lack of desire to "speak up" in front of anyone else. We'll get 'em warmed up..... =)

Dinner was great - Kaela came over early, which was a huge blessing as I was in a bit over my head in trying to get four different pizzas ready to be eaten simultaneously. They turned out as good as I could have hoped for - and the study material itself seems quite timely with the experiences and feelings these ladies are going through. As for "Glee" - after last week's "Adventure with Brittany Spears", I found myself able to watch it this week without cringing about the content. Which is ironic, because the show addressed religion. While there were certainly some "ideas" that seemed crazy (Grilled Cheesus), I thought it did a great job of capturing what is probably quite typical thinking/believes/questions for high schoolers these days in regards to faith. And, they were fair in not bashing any one belief. For sure, it provoked thought on the subject, and as far as I'm concerned, anytime someone is inspired to really consider their views on God - it's a good thing.

Today, some one on one time with Katy....hopefully some successful "kitchen creation" pics coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Ok maybe it's the Catholic in me, but I thought Grilled Cheesus was hilarious. But honestly, the show addressed some MAJOR theology issues without even really knowing it I bet. Answered prayers, different denominations, separation of church and state. I enjoyed it, and I liked the music. Jodi

cjoy said...

Oh, I plan to blog about this, but it lines up so well with what you said about how hard it is to speak up in front of others....

I went to a homeschool group mom's meeting this week for the first time and had opportunity to share a bit of my current situation, that there had been struggles - I did not share 'too much' but apparently 'just enough'....I had two or three moms come up afterward expressing that their situations were actually deeper and harder than they let on! It reminded me that by being open, I encourage others to be open as well. :)

sara said...

so excited about this BS for you. are you doing any ice breakers? sometimes that helps in opening people up and getting to know/trust each other.

I have to say that when Glee came on I cringed at first and thought "great. they are going to bashed religion and Christianity and then I am not going to want to watch it any more" But I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised as to how they handled the subject....praying over Kurt's dad, the church scene, Sue's sister saying God never makes mistakes. My daughter and I had a great discussion about it afterwards!!