Thursday, October 28, 2010

During the Break Between Storm Fronts.....

The Indian summer we Oregonians relished is officially over. Instead, there's now over a foot of snow in the mountains, the Willamette is running muddy and high on its banks, and the clouds are a charcoal gray dropping a deluge of rain. This will get old fast, I know it, but there was a part of me struggling to consider starting my annual Christmas music listening on the day after Halloween if we were still under a bright sunshine with 60+ degrees outside. NOW, it's feeling more like Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner.

Wednesday was our one day this week between storm fronts - and at least until about 5pm, it was quite pretty. Katy and I embraced the opportunity and took Bogey and Sydney around the river walk - giving us a chance to chat and catch up.

Both dogs wanted to greet everyone and every dog that crossed our path, and heaven help us all when a squirrel ran past. Sydney, especially, was obsessed with them.

All of these crazy adventures led to a very tired Bogey for the rest of the day he was at our house yesterday. This is our bed (admittedly not made!) that he was snuggling in.

Right around the time the next storm came in, Brayden had his last regular Pop Warner game - play-offs begin next Sunday with the state championship game on Sunday, the 21st. It's a good chance they'll make it all the way there, as they beat all of the teams they played in regular season by at least 21 points. I'm just so impressed with that entire team of players and coaches.

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sara said...

well, you know how I feel about the snow (remember I am an Arizona girl through and through!) but I would like some cool weather. We have not had any fall yet at all!! I am beginning to wonder if we will even wear a sweatshirt this year!

Good luck to your boy!!! that's exciting!