Tuesday, July 06, 2010


These pictures were taken slightly before 8 this morning as we showed up at the church - in time to get them on their buses bound for Seattle. Seattle! Yes, that BIG CITY in ANOTHER STATE!!! Yikes! But, us moms were brave, and we ended up letting go (as demonstrated by that picture above of Brayden trying to pry Michele's hands free from Traig).

This is a special trip - I think going on its 10th year - that the mid-school group takes every summer. They leave at 8am on a Tuesday and return at 8pm on Friday - and along the way they spend a day at Wild Waves Water Park, a day cruising Seattle, and a night watching the Mariners play the Yankees. Talk about AWESOME! And, because they cut costs with sack lunches, and sleep on the floor of the church where our mid-school pastor attended growing up, the cost is only $85 (if you registered early). Talk about a deal.

So, my heart thinks this is just the greatest thing ever, but my head is a little more freaked out. It's one thing to have them gone for a week, but have it be only a couple miles away at a fixed-location camp. It's a whole 'nother story though, when they are 6 hours away and subject to crazy drivers, crazy people, and a crazy city......

Just one more little step in this whole crazy act of parenting - and ultimately, letting go.

Have fun boys! So glad you have each other.


sara said...
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StephieAnne said...

Thanks Sara - such great wisdom!