Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Chip off the Ol' Block

Like mother, like daughter - this was the sign that Mikayla created and actually hung up in her room - right next to her bed on Sunday night - so the first thing she'd be reminded of upon awaking on Monday was that it was the day her soccer camp began. I love it! And, I love how that anticipation/excitement has obviously passed down to my next generation. Her husband and family might not be so thankful....but it delights me!

And, here's Mikayla, preparing to head in to camp. It's a 9-3:00 day camp put on by the UO Womens' Soccer team. I was a little concerned that Mikayla's stamina might not be strong enough to handle a day that long or intense in training, but I I think they adjust for each age group and so far she is having a blast! When I came to pick her up on Monday afternoon - her group leader walked her out, and if first impressions mean anything - she got the best one of the bunch. Score!!

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