Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Scenes Along the Old McKenzie Highway

Just as it was with the boys, now that we have the girls alone, we are feeling the need to spend some "quality time" with the girls. Yesterday, we hung out at the pool together - and might I say, I got a bit "lobster-like" in my hunger for that hot sunshine that has arrived with a vengeance here in Oregon.

On the docket, today, was a road trip - hence this picture, showing the girls glued to the vehicle's DVD player (thank God for that invention).

The first stop on our road-trip adventure was "Proxy Falls". Proxy Falls is about 10 miles up a very windy road. In fact, this road was the "original pass" for us to get over the Cascades from Eugene and Bend. Thankfully, another pass was created, which is much more manageable, so this route is for scenic purposes only - and consequently, only open during the non-snow season, (usually from June to September). As a result of this windy-ness, the girls were all given Dramamine. It's a must for Mikayla - as she gets car-sick very easily. However, Nati and Ellie were a little unaccustomed to it. Let's just say that that side-effect of drowsiness really packed a punch for Ellie - her enthusiasm for the exercise required to hike was at an all-time low.

At least we got a smile at the beginning of our hike....

There's several neat things about this hike. 1.) It's relatively short and not too much of an incline 2.) It's a loop hike, so you don't have to backtrack 3.) It's beautiful in all seasons (especially when the brush turns crimson in fall) and finally 4.) It's got not one, but two gorgeous waterfalls......Nati's pointing to the first exit off the main trail to see the initial waterfall scene.

The only way we got Ellie to smile in this picture was to tell her what was on the docket for tomorrow - which we knew would make her super happy......

But, in reality, this is how Ellie really felt about the hiking experience! (I know, how can you feel that way after seeing that breathtaking beauty?)

This was the second waterfall cut-off - it's much more approachable, in fact, I drenched my Nikes trying to hop across the rocks to get a good shot with Mikayla.

I love the tranquil little pool that it makes below - super shallow. Last time we came here, Sydney had a blast tromping through it. Too bad she had to stay home today (as our end-of-the-day destination was Michele's house).

Next stop along the road trip was about 20 minutes further up that windy road - to the Dee Wright Observatory. It is the summit of that pass at a little over 5000 feet in elevation - just high enough to still see some patches of snow along the side of the road. From here, you have an amazing view of some of the most spectacular mountains in Oregon - Mt. Washington, Mt. Jefferson, the Sisters, and Mt. Bachelor.....

In addition to the the view another specialty of this destination is the location of this observatory - in the middle of a lava bed. And, to make it extra cool, a castle-like structure, was built that has a clever compass-like statue that points to and identifies each of the mountains.

It was at the top that we (as Ellie would tell us...) FINALLY had lunch.

Another 20 minutes later down the road, we made it to the beautiful Western-styled town of Sisters - and rewarded the girls with ice cream. While Ellie may not agree, I thought it was a fantastic day!

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cjoy said...

I so wish I'd done more of this while living in the NWest....alas, I didn't know my way around at first and moved before my 2nd summer there. Thanks for sharing these pictures!!