Saturday, July 17, 2010

Greetings from Sunriver

So, the big question on all of our minds is just how we can physically make the next 18 hours stretch as long as we can. Because, checking in at 6pm on a Friday and checking out at 11am on a Sunday is just way too short of a stay for Sunriver in the summer.

We've been trying our hardest to make the best of all the moments. We woke up to enjoy the hot tub and take in the quiet of the morning - here's John cozying with our "Early Bird" (Brayden and Mikayla are total opposites in that department - he is definitely our "Night Owl")

John had some fun with his camera this morning - we did our best ignoring him in our attempts to cruise through our novels. If you note the book I'm reading - it's centered on "Sisters, Oregon" - the tiny little Western-themed town that we took the girls to a week and a half ago. It's about 4o minutes from here - kind of the gateway town on this side of the Cascades. It made for a wonderful read as the descriptions of a town I know so well were quite enchanting.

John insisted we stop ignoring him and start posing at this point.....

On the way here, I said, "I really want to see some deer" - and sure enough - out they came....while I was in the shower! Fortunately, on our family bike ride later today, we saw another mommy and baby - perhaps even the same ones.

Out of the hot tub and what are we doing? Oh yeah, out with our books again..... =)

Meanwhile, the girls enjoyed the loop out front to ride their bikes.

This post is "to be continued" as I have yet to get a good shot of Nati and Brayden - nor Travis and Stephie who are also with us.......we'll get 'em "on film" before too long.....

Okay, here we go - round 2 of the pictures - taken with my "lesser" camera.

Proof that Travis and Stephie did come along. I'd like to ask you all if you'd do me the honor of keeping Steph in your prayers tomorrow (Monday morning) as she goes in to have surgery done on her lower back. It's an outpatient procedure (she'll be home, Lord willing, by the afternoon) - to widen the "duct" around her nerves along her spinal cord. It's so narrowed right now that she's having tingling, pain, and numbness down her legs.....

After we checked out, we checked in to "Mavericks" a new indoor swimming pool/club in Sunriver. Brayden and John are posing in front of the wave machine. Maybe we'll fork the bucks out some other time, but not today.

Instead, the kiddos played in the pool - and then spent some time in the outdoor hot tub.

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