Friday, July 23, 2010


Dutch babies and carmel rolls on our patio with my mom and dad and the kids. A surprise birthday blog post from my amazing hubby. Glorious sunshine all day long. Oodles of birthday Facebook greetings (I love Facebook for that). Homemade marker pen cards from the kids. Children old enough to watch themselves while we go out, but not too old to give us big ol' birthday hugs. Really, really funny cards from friends. Really, really sweet and honoring cards from family. The ideal row in the movie theater watching a flick we loved. Movie theater buttered popcorn and tootsie pops. Texts that let me know how much I'm wished a happy day. Super thoughtful gifts and surprise "stop-by's from friends". Birthday hugs from both of our men. Oreo Bailey's shake. The sofa, a blankie, and a book I love. Watching DVD's that embody "summer coziness". Marionberry cobbler. Being with my womb-mate all day long..............

Yes, it was a GREAT day!

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