Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bullwinkles Round Two

On Sunday night, the Schillings, Meyers, and our family did our second (and hopefully annual) summer Sunday night outing to Bullwinkle's Family Fun Center in Wilsonville. All of us had had so much fun there last year that the boys in our families all agreed to forgo birthday parties and instead repeat the fun there instead.

It was a bit busier than last year, so as soon as we arrived, we hurried up to stand in line for the Laser Tag activity. Last year, no matter how we divided the groups, (mostly guys vs. girls), I ended up on the losing team. This year, I was on the winning (girls) team all three times. In fact, on the first game, I was the player with the highest score. (Red #13) Michele took that honor in the second game, and Amy on the third. I don't know what happened when the guys were the ones that spent the weekends shooting guns....., but hey, we'll take it (and we were thrilled)!

These three pictures are kind of overkill, but I couldn't help putting all three up, since I LOVE Andrew's expressions - as well as Ellie's sitting right next to him. The boys got some very funny cards, that Ellie had helped pick out. Since she knew what was coming, her expressions are priceless along with Andrew's.

Since we did a birthday deal - we got a pizza buffet in the middle of our adventures. Following that filling-ourselves-up, we went back for some more fun. Next up, go-carts. On both occasions, John and Brayden ended up right in front of Mikayla and I's vehicle. Also on both runs, our vehicle was faster than theirs......but John was able to edge me out because of all the curves and because the establishment has a strict no-bumping policy. (Mikayla kept me constantly aware of that). John was sweet enough to FINALLY let us pass on the first go-round, but never gave up, despite all our efforts, on the second round. =) More pics hopefully to come from Amy's camera - this one of Michele and Nati was the only one John got on his. (He was too busy driving to take pics!)

Here's Ellie and Jackson, flirting away, killing time in the arcade while we waited for another round of Laser Tag.

A few family and couples shots.....

The final (and wettest) activity was Bumper Boats. Knowing what we knew from last year, we specifically scheduled this year's adventure to a similar mid-summer time, as Bumper Boats can cause you to get quite wet....which would leave you quite chilled if it weren't a 90 degree day. Lucky for us, Sunday's temps, once again, reached the 90's. =)

John was sweet enough to sit out (there were only 13 boats and 14 of us) - the advantage to that was that he was able to take some fantastically fun photos of us "at war" with each other. I couldn't resist posting several of these images, as all of the expressions are so priceless.

And, a final parting pic demonstrating just how wet we all got. What a wonderful way to end the birthday weekend for Michele and I.

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