Friday, July 30, 2010

Pool Time at Osborne

It seems like the drive-in and the next day stop off at Corvallis' Osborne Pool have traditionally gone hand in hand over the summer. So, of course, we couldn't break tradition.

As you can tell by their expressions, the boys were a little un-enthused. They've kind of enjoyed being left to "chill" after all their many adventures - so being drug to the pool was kind of testing their limits. But, surprise, surprise, once they arrived they somehow found a way to have fun.....

The girls, on the other hand, just LOVE this place.

Particularly the "Lazy River" which is anything but lazy with all sorts of kids knocking into you as they play chase with their buddies. It can test my "mommy patience" in a hurry - but I have to remember what it felt like to be kids that age and just what a fun venue this place is.

I got Michele to take a shot right before we left just to prove I was there - and yes, did get in the water with the kiddos too. =)

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