Friday, July 09, 2010

The Boys Are Back....

Yeah....and let me just tell you that the decibel level in this house has gotten a whole lot higher. =) Welcome home, boys.

I'm pleased to upload about 8 pictures that Brayden had that were pretty decent that he took on a camera that's gotten overlooked by a number of "upgrade models" over the years.

The boys had a GOOD time, but were a bit disappointed in being put with a leader that was less than "fun" with them - a bit too strict. That "counselor" thing can be such a hit or miss with these big events - such as Camp Harlow - or this. It's hard, because you want to get fired up about it, but on the other hand, it's good for the boys to understand how to interact with all different kinds of people. I don't even know the name of this person, or know who he is, so I'm just taking from the boys that he was "stricter" than he needed to be, and it wasn't necessary for him to sit next to just the two of them (vs. anyone else in his group of 10) on every bus ride. If it were just Brayden telling me this, I might suspect that choice of seating was because someone was a little "hyper", but when I asked if the counselor's reasoning was "behavior-related", Traig made it clear that that was definitely not the case. I think, fundamentally, Brayden and Traig were two of the "new kids on the block" - and knew very few kids, so it was a little less "fun" that it could have been under better circumstances.

But, I'm super proud of our boys - and happy that they had this experience. And, maybe even happiest to have Brayden run into the house greeting me and hugging me tight saying, "I really missed you, Mom!" (And yes, I did ask if he was serious - and he made it very clear he was!).

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sara said...

you are right, it is hit or miss with those camp counselors. But a great learning lesson, yes?

I'm glad they had good time and also that all your chicks are back in the THAT is a good feeling! :)