Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hangin' with Kaela

Without actually planning it, my summer has kind of boiled down into an every-other-week pattern. It seems like I will have at least the start of a normal-ish week (where I'm in town without houseguests), and then the following week I'll be somewhat MIA - generally because I'm with Michele while some of the kids are off together doing camp or Seatlle, or whatever.

Next week will be one of those weeks with Michele as it will be the boys' turn to hit their week of Camp Harlow....mid school camp. I have a feeling it will be HUGE FUN for them. We already have some ideas up our sleeves for huge fun for us too....hopefully it will all pan out.

Anyhow....that makes this week the normal-ish week - which means it's Kaela time. We've tried to make it a point to hang out during these every other weeks and Monday was no exception.

I took her to ESTC again, it's hard to pass up a pool and a lounge chair in high 80's temps. Whereas last time we went, it was Jack and Brayden who accompanied us (Mikayla was at soccer camp), this time it was Mikayla, Christina, and Jackson who came along.

I was in the pool twice, purely for the sake of not overheating (which I still managed to do, love those overheat-headaches.....), but Kaela never once jumped in, much to the dismay of the kids who begged and begged for her to join them. Finally, they gave in on that pursuit and decided another tactic was in order - spraying her with their water guns. While Kaela did later admit it was refreshing, sometimes these kiddos have a hard time knowing when enough is enough. That seems to be the common thread every time Kaela comes to visit and any kids are around......I guess it should flatter Kaela..... =)

She did manage to take three adorable of the trio, after they had finally settled down just a bit! Great day, Kaela, see you the week of the 9th! =)

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kleephotos said...

Hahaha you just have to love those kids! Thanks for letting me tag along on your down time weeks. It's a great highlight of the week. Looking forward to the next time!