Saturday, March 27, 2010

Well, At Least Someone Enjoyed the Rain Yesterday

In an effort to "kill two birds with one stone" (such a terrible expression, but as a multi-tasker, I find myself using it quite frequently) - Michele and I decided to kick the very rowdy, cabin-fevered boys out of the house with both of the dogs. We had them walk to the school and throw the ball for the dogs (i.e. - throw the ball for Koda.......) When they returned, they admitted that the dogs both decided to take a little "swim" in the ditch surrounding the backside of the school. Particularly Sydney, she really enjoyed it. (No surprise).

So, they were all wet when they got back - and we used it as an excuse to get one more "positive" from the experience by making the boys actually take a shower. Apparently, Sydney didn't want to be left out of that part of the fun either - because when I checked on her a few minutes later, this is what she looked like:

At least she is super-easy to clean. She loves to hop right into the bathtub and will stay in the water without complaining for a long stretch of time. I've even taught her to shake before I let her out of the sliding glass doors of the bathtub, to dry her off. Here's a pic of her feeling much more cozy once she was clean.
I had to hustle to get the job done this time though, because just as I was rinsing her off, John called to let me know that it was time to haul my "plum minivan" down to the Honda Odyssey had arrived!!!!!

Everyone was super excited to crawl around in it when I got her home - if you look carefully you'll see Brayden inside the car while I posed for this picture.

Here's to many, many happy memories in this vehicle........(isn't she purty?)

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