Monday, March 15, 2010

This Weekend.....

How's that time change working for you? As bad as it feels for me to wake up on a Monday morning an hour early, I have to think how cruel it is for our college students who are embarking upon finals week.....poof......there goes one less how to sleep, cram for a test, or complete a paper!

It was a good weekend - I hardly heard my kids argue at all, which blessed my heart immensely. I did a lot of reading on the couch (aka - I was super lazy)......but, then, on Sunday, I decided to start my 2009 blog book (through Good timing, as I can be semi-productive as desired when I head to Michele's for the first part of spring break on that.

John announced on Saturday morning that he was going to redo the flooring in Brayden's room. When we redid Mikayla's, we also purchased the product for Brayden's room too - it's just been a matter of having the time to get it done. John, with the help of Travis (poor guy, how does he get sucked into these things?), literally hammered out that floor all day - as well as got rid of all the "yuck" at the dump. So impressive. And, how it does my heart good to know that the only room that still has that "white" carpet -that is anything but- is our bedroom...which has enough rugs and is so seldom seen, I can handle it. Brayden also scored a new bed (new for him - yard sale queen mattress and frame) - that might just be the most comfortable bed in the house. He's kind of a "sprawler" when he sleeps (my apologies to his future wife) - so he is uber-excited to have a big bed to sleep in - that is oh-so-cozy with its Duck comforter.

The weekend was ended with a visit to CCF - Mikayla and I passed out lots of "Bunco Business Cards" - and prior to that, Andrew, Aaron, and Julie came by just as Michele and the kids were headed out the door. Their arrival served as a good motivator to re-group the house, which was a huge blessing for me this morning. While John took the guys to pick up some steaks- I got some much-needed vacuuming and mopping down - and then while the guys bbq'd, Julie and I just chilled at the bar with our computers. It was sunshine-y at that point of the day, and the perfect cap-off to a sweet weekend.


sara said...

sounds like a great weekend!!

I love having a house with NO carpet!!

His room is definitely a "boys" room!!! :)

Melanie said...

Wow! that might be one of the coolest rooms ever!