Friday, March 19, 2010

Shotgun Creek with Kaela

When we found out that Friday's weather was supposed to be sunny and high 60's - Kaela and I decided that our hang-out time ought to involve the outdoors.

Currently, we are dog-sitting sweet Koda. It's become a bit of a spring break tradition as the Whitty family really love to get down south to catch some sunshine. With Koda, comes a little more concentrated effort to get the dogs outside to exercise. Koda LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to retrieve tennis balls. I don't think saying she's a bit OCD about it would be stretching things. On days she doesn't get this energy expended, she tends to be a bit more hyper in the evenings - so I've been trying to do my part to take them to the nearby dog park and huck those tennis balls. The funny thing is, our own retriever could CARE LESS about retrieving anything.....she's all about the other dogs, playing, saying "Hi"- and most of all, swimming in the kiddy pools there. If there's water that she can somehow bathe in, she's all over it (or all in it). I'm glad she's getting a little bit of "perks" she'd otherwise not normally have this week because it's clear she's become a dog that does not enjoy sharing her family with another houseguest. She's quite put off at all of us lately - she crawls underneath the coffee table and looks away from us. For a dog that is really so social, it's funny how possessive she is of her family's love....

Anyway, that whole paragraph tangent was meant to just point out that the above-mentioned outdoor activity would be ideal if it could include taking the dogs. So, we ended up at Shotgun Creek. Unfortunately, the park itself is closed until the end of April, but the whole area is so beautiful, we decided to just park and walk along one of the logging/ATV roads. It ended up being perfect as I could continue to chuck the ball up the road for Koda, while the sides of the road had little streams that Syd could get wet in.

Back near where we parked, we went down to the creek and let the dogs wade in the water while we ate lunch.....Syd was definitely in her happy place. Koda, not so much, as she lost track of her ball and it ended up floating down the creek. =(

Right before we snatched this picture, we set our plates down and Koda snatched the rest of Kaela's sandwich. My smile was a little broader in laughing at that fact.....

Thanks Kaela for great time enjoying the sunshine and your friendship!

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