Saturday, March 20, 2010

Life at the Zoo

....and when I say "zoo", I mean our house - with five kids and two dogs. No, it's nothing like the Dugger family, but as we set to get the group of us ready to go for a bowling excursion, I can certainly see why very large families become ultra organized and regimented. How else could you do it?

These first pictures are taken at a bowling alley we visited today - that offers "cosmic bowling". I'm thankful we got there about 30 minutes before the lights went out. I don't think we'll be returning there again as the staff working there were SO GRUMPY! But, it was worth taking a couple of shots of it. (We were joined by Amy and her kiddos).

Part of our desire to get the Meyers to join us was to get a shot of these two. With both of their two front teeth out, they looked like two peas in a pod. Now, if we can just get Ellie to shine her "happy smile" when we have a camera around, not that would be something....(she's not so good at posing).

And, the rest of these pictures take place on the trampoline. I think the temperature might have reached 70 today....(if not super close) - so that merited turning the sprinkler on underneath and running around in swimsuits. This was followed up by warm baths and showers..... Overall, it's been a pretty easy run with these kiddos. Tomorrow, I return them back home (Michael and Michele return from the high school youth retreat) - and then hang in their neck of the woods for a few days...

Finally, in tribute to our precious Sydney, I caught her in this position tonight. Currently, she's on the couch next to John serving as his arm rest - all's to say, I think she's forgiven us.....

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Shannonlynn said...

I love little sydney! she was the sweetest dog. i want one when i return :) You should look at my blog! it got a new title and a new backgound. thanks for inspiring me!